3 novelties that we will see with the new MacBook Air

The possible launch of the new MacBook Air has been sounding loud for a long time, in fact, this approaching WWDC is not the first event or keynote in which, hypothetically, Apple is going to present this new device. This rumor has gained a lot of strength, therefore, we want to tell you what would be the 3 most outstanding novelties that this new apple laptop would have.

The highlights of the new MacBook Air

As we said, the possibility of Apple presenting the new and renewed MacBook Air is something that has been rumored for a long time, although it seems that the probability that we will see it in this WWDC that takes place next Monday is quite high. In the event that it finally happens, and Apple gives the green light to this new team, we will have before us a device with many new features, in fact, This is probably the biggest update of the MacBook Air to date.

The first thing that seems to be modified by Apple is the design of the device itself. This is something that is usually common in generation changes. The forecast is that this new team has a thinner chassis than the current one, something that is quite complicated, so we will have to be attentive to how Apple does it, accompanied by more square lines that resemble what we currently have with the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro.

macbook air concept

One of the most significant changes, and why many users are looking forward to seeing this new MacBook Air is the color palette what will you bring Continuing with the line marked within the range of computers, which the iMac already started, this new Apple laptop will be available in different colors that make it really striking. Apple has always accustomed us to silver, space gray and in some cases gold and rose gold, something that will surely change with this new MacBook Air. Of course, we still cannot confirm what these new colors will be 100%. What we can be sure of is that the keyboard of these laptops will be whitewhich is another of the great visual novelties that it will present.

render macbook air m2

Finally, and surely the most important thing on a functional level, in theory this MacBook Air will be the first Apple device to have the chip M2, that is, the second generation of processors with which Apple has completely changed the computer market. Let us remember that the MacBook Air was one of the first computers to have the M1 chip, so it would not be unreasonable if it was also the first to have the new M2.

Will Apple announce it at WWDC?

This is the big question surrounding the new MacBook Air and Apple in recent days. Initially forecasts were that the Cupertino company only and exclusively presented software at this developer conference. However, rumors and Apple’s own invitation have triggered expectations of seeing a new product at this event.

wwdc invitation

As is often said in these cases, when the river sounds, it carries water and the reality is that the chances are high that Apple will present this new MacBook Air next Monday. However, the reality is that Sooner than laterthe potential users of this device, will be able to have it in their hands to enjoy it and get the most out of it, since if it is not at this WWDC, it will be in the coming months when Apple finally launches it on the market.

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