3 portable antivirus to always carry on a USB

Windows Defender is one of the best antivirus for Windows with a high detection rate and, as it is integrated into Windows, the number of resources it consumes is very low compared to other options. However, unlike others, they are not available in a portable version, so if we have a virus problem on our computer, it is not the best solution. Fortunately, in the market, we have at our disposal different portable antivirus with which we will be able to analyze our equipment and, incidentally, eliminate malicious files that may be affecting the performance and/or operation of our computer.

Portable antivirus, as that English word well describes, are applications that run directly on the medium where it is located without the need to install it on the computer. If we want to avoid being forced to format our PC in order to eliminate a virus or malware that has fallen on our PC, we should consider giving one of these 3 a chance portable anti viruss, antivirus that we can copy to a USB and always have them on hand in case it is necessary to use them.

Microsoft SafetyScanner

As we have mentioned above, Windows Defender is not available in a portable version, however, Microsoft makes the Microsoft Safety Scanner application available to us, an application available for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions and that, to run it, we just have to run the app. Microsoft Safety Scanner is designed to detect and remove all kinds of malware in Windows.

Microsoft Safety Scanner is compatible with Windows 7 onwards, so it is seamlessly compatible with Windows 11. Furthermore, it is also compatible with Windows Server 2008 R2 onwards, so we can use this tool on older computers as well. Downloading this application is completely free through this link, where we have to select the one that corresponds to our operating system, 32 or 64 bits.

Kaspersky TDDSKiller Portable

Kaspersky TDDSKiller is an antivirus that fights the rootkits and bootkits family of malware, a protection that most portable antiviruses don’t offer us. It is primarily designed to detect all kinds of malware and remove it, both on devices with outdated protections as in those who do not have any type of protection. This malware detector is compatible from Windows XP onwards and works without problems on Windows 11. Kaspersky TDDSKiller downloads are available through this link.

McAfee Stinger Portable

Another interesting antivirus that we have at our disposal to analyze our PC in search of viruses without having to install any application is found in McAfee Stinger. McAfee Stinger is an application that scans and removes a large number of viruses and malware. Unlike other applications, this portable version of McAfee is updated periodically every week and, although it is not the best option to keep our computer protected against any threat, it is an excellent tool to analyze computers that have been infected and that do not have an internet connection either due to the action of the virus or malware that has infected the computer or if it is an old computer. MacAfee Stinger Portable is supported starting with Windows XP onwards and is available for download completely free of charge through the link.

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