3 programs that cannot be missing on your PC this summer

In summer, with the holidays, the computer is usually always relegated to the background. Especially if we have any trips scheduled. And it is that, especially if we work sitting in front of the computer, it is necessary to take advantage of this rest period to disconnect and be able to start again, with all our strength, after the summer. However, while disconnecting is okay, it’s also not okay to completely forget about our personal PC, as we may need it sooner rather than later for some reason.

That is why we are going to recommend 3 programs that, in one way or another, can be useful to us in summer, even if we decide to disconnect from the PC.

Remote Desktop

The first thing we should have installed, configured, and ready to go is a remote desktop program. Thanks to it we will be able to connect to our PC at any time, wherever we are, in case we need, for example, to access documentation or personal files that we keep on the computer and that we do not have with us.

For this we can use several tools. Windows, for example, has its own RDP, Remote Desktop Protocol, which will allow us to connect directly to the computer from any RDP client. And, if we don’t want complications or configure anything, we also have the alternative of leaving the TeamViewer software installed and programmed to run at startup.

Now we only have to find a way to turn on the computer without being in front of it. And for this we have three options:

  • Ask a family member to do it.
  • Configure a Wake on Lan to turn it on remotely.
  • Set it to turn on automatically when light is on, and use a smart plug.


Although backing up data is vital throughout the year, we almost always put this task aside until we have time. And summer vacation is usually the perfect time to review our backup plan, update it or, if we don’t have it, create it.

There are many programs to make and create all kinds of backups. For example, one of the most complete that we can find on the net is Uranium Backupalthough we can also find other less complete but simpler alternatives to carry out these backups, such as AOMEI Backupper or EaseUS ToDo BackUp, among others.

Backup Uranium

We remember, the important thing about the backup is that, whatever happens, we can recover the data. And, for this, it is best to use the 3-2-1 technique, that is, create 3 backup copies, 2 of them save them in different media, and 1 in a different physical place.


If we are one of those who travel with the computer, another of the programs that cannot be missing from the PC is the VPN. Connecting to public networks (for example, in hotels or bars) poses a risk to our security, since we do not know if the network is really secure, compromised, or if there is a third party filtering the traffic.

Thanks to the VPN we can establish a secure connection between our PC and a server (which can be a NAS at home, or a company that offers us this service) so that all our traffic is encrypted on the computer, and only decrypted when reach the destination.

Kaspersky Antivirus-VPN

Of course, whenever we are away from home we must follow the same security recommendations, even if we are on vacation. Using common sense when browsing the Internet can save us a lot of headaches, especially when returning to normality.

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