3 Programs That Will Make You Forget Audacity Forever

Generally today we are used to editing our photos with a multitude of available programs, but we can do something similar with our audio files. For this we can also use different tools, although one of the references here is the popular Audacity.

We are talking about a powerful open source solution that offers us all kinds of functions when it comes to work with sound files. Of course, the usual ones come into play here MP3, although the software is compatible with almost all current formats. Many opt for the use of this software solution, although in recent times it has generated some controversy related to telemetry. This is something that has come to the latest versions of the program and that many do not like.

Precisely for this reason many users are deciding to migrate to other similar applications when working with these files. And we must bear in mind that Audacity is not the only solution that we find to edit our MP3 and audio files in a simple and effective way. For all this we have many other programs that will be very useful in this regard.

All this is what we want to talk about in these lines, so we will see some interesting alternatives to the aforementioned Audacity. Keep in mind that these programs can be useful in many situations. Whether to create our own musical compositions, adapt MP3 to our devices or types of use, edit music files that will be part of larger projects, etc. In addition, the developers of these applications try to make things very easy for us.

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Alternatives to Audacity for Audio Editing

That said, if you are looking for other programs to replace the popular Audacity, then we will talk about some interesting software proposals.

  • Wavosaur: first of all, we will talk about a solution focused on audio editing that does not even require installation on the system. It is a portable application that we can use on any PC from a storage device to edit our MP3 easily. Like Audacity in its interface, we find the wave corresponding to the loaded files so that we can work directly on it. It puts at our disposal a good number of functions related to this topic.
  • Ocenaudio: As was the case with the previous option, this is a free program that offers us everything we need for audio editing. For example, we will find a good amount of digital effects that will help us to obtain impressive results. It has support for VST pluginsreal-time preview, and a thumbnail view of the audio signal with whom we work.
  • FL Studio: This is a popular program for editing sound files that has been around for a long time. It is a payment solution with more than 20 years of experience that allows us to carry out all kinds of functions with these contents. We will be able to compose, record, mix, or edit these files and obtain excellent results. It has over 80 effects that we can use in addition to its countless built-in functions. The only thing that we must take into consideration here is that this program may seem a little more complicated to use than the previous ones.

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