3 quick changes in your WiFi to protect it to the maximum

Changes to protect WiFi

A vulnerable Wi-Fi network it means that an intruder can enter the router and affect the speed. It could also gain access to a device that is connected or even modify anything on the network so that it doesn’t work properly. Now if you make a few changes to the settings you can achieve a significant improvement.

put other passwords

The first thing you should do is change passwords. This is essential to protect security, since we can say that it is the first barrier that will prevent an attacker from entering your network. If you leave the one that comes from the factory, it is more likely that a hypothetical intruder will successfully access it.

What password should you use? It is essential that it is totally random, that you do not use it in other places and that it does not contain any words or digits that can relate to you. For example, you should never put your name, date of birth or similar data that can be easily memorized, but also be easier for an attacker.

You should also use a good encryption for the WiFi key. It’s another change you should make if you don’t use a correct one. For example, you should avoid those that are obsolete such as WEP or WPA. It is better to use the latest ones as they are more secure. You can use WPA-2 or WPA-3.

But you should not only change the WiFi password, but also the key of access to router configuration. This is also important to prevent intruders. You should not leave the default one, since it is usually of the type admin123 and the like, which can be easily found out.

Update the router

Another change necessary to protect WiFi is to update the router. have the latest firmware version It will be essential to make it work correctly, but also to correct possible security vulnerabilities that can be exploited by an attacker without us noticing.

This is something you should do on any device that you have connected to the Internet. However, in the case of the router this is even more important. It is a fundamental piece for wireless connections and it is necessary to be able to maintain maximum protection at all times.

Disable WPS

This option is very useful to be able to easily connect a WiFi repeater, for example. Basically activated via a button and makes this process easier and faster. But this may have vulnerabilities that are exploited by hackers to break into a wireless network.

Therefore, our advice is to disable WPS if it is not going to be used. It is another change that will improve the security of WiFi. One more option that will allow you to browse the Internet with greater protection, without problems appearing that affect both performance and your data.

In short, these simple and quick changes can come in handy to maintain WiFi protection and avoid problems. You can do them at any time and, in the case of updating the router or changing the password, do it periodically to ensure that you are always protected.

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