3 reasons not to repair your iPhone in unauthorized stores

And be careful, because with unauthorized services we mean those for which Apple does not provide original parts or official certificates in their repairs. The so-called SAT, which stands for Authorized Technical Service, we consider them apart because they offer the same guarantees as in an Apple Store, even if they are not owned by the Californian company.

You will lose the warranty of the device

This is a point that may not affect you so much if you have an iPhone that is a few years old, but if it is recent, it is something to take into account. In Spain today a 2 years warranty covered during the first by Apple and the second by the seller. If you bought it from Apple, both years will be for them.

The company certifies in its conditions that if the iPhone is manipulated by another person or establishment, whatever it is for, the warranty will automatically be lost. And we attest that the company has methods with which to always know whether or not the equipment has been manipulated by third parties. With this, you lose the right to claim possible damages that are covered by the guarantee, having to pay for the repairs in full.

The parts are not original

Only Apple and SAT have original iPhone parts. And yes, you may find places that are said to have them too, but it’s not true. And this is many times the reason that the repairs are also cheaper and is that the user experience in the end can totally change in specific cases such as batteries or screens.

And it is especially the latter where a lot of difference is usually found, having very distant third party panels in resolutions, quality, brightness and sharpness to the originals. This does not mean that there cannot be sites that offer you very good quality pieces, although they will not be original as such.

Battery iPhone SE 2016

IPhone might stop working

Beyond the fact that Apple establishes in some cases the impossibility of using the phones with certain unauthorized parts, there is also the risk that the part will not work well or stop working after a few weeks or months. If, in addition, the technicians who carry out the change are not qualified, the device may even become unusable.

Therefore, and as a conslusion of this and the rest of the points, we always advise to consult all the conditions to the establishment. Both to know in detail the origin and quality of the part to be repaired, as well as the additional guarantee they offer for the repair, since Apple cannot be held responsible and it should be they who cover a possible future inconvenience that responds to a bad repair or defective part.

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