3 Reasons Why You Should Reset Audacity Settings

On many occasions we are going to find certain audio files that we want to modify or edit in some way. As with images, here we can use some programs that help us with these tasks. A clear example of all this can be found with the popular solution of this type, Audacity.

Specifically, we are talking about a very useful open source application for working with all kinds of sound files. It offers us a huge amount of functions accessible directly from its interface to avoid and deal with these contents. It is also important to add to all this the intuitive user interface that we find as soon as we run the application.

We must bear in mind that here we are not going to pay a single euro to benefit from everything that Audacity offers us. It is enough that we download the program as such from its official website and we opt for the installable or portable version. Once we have its interface on the screen, when loading the corresponding files we will see that the wave corresponding to them is automatically generated. This will allow us to work with different sections of it in a much more intuitive and simple way.

All the functions and features of this application are found distributed in menu options such as Tools or Effect. In the same way, in the first of the options that we mentioned, we find an option that directly resets all program settings. Although at first this functionality that is visible may seem somewhat strange to us, it is very useful in certain cases, as we will see below.

When to reset Audacity settings

And there are several reasons why we will see each other at the obligation or need to reset the configuration completely from this sound editor. That is precisely what we are going to mention below so that you are aware of the usefulness of this feature. Perhaps in other circumstances, if its developers did not offer it to us, we would have to uninstall and reinstall the Audacity sound editor completely.

reset Audacity

  • A change in the program blocks it: We have already told you before that this sound editor offers us a huge number of functions and customizable parameters. But sometimes we carry out some kind of change that does not allow the application to work properly and it crashes. If we don’t know what the faulty change is or we can’t fix the fault, restoring the Audacity settings will probably fix it right away.
  • faulty updates: Everything related to updates is very important for most software developers. But this time, or they come to us with errors from the source, or they are simply incompatible with our system or configuration. Therefore, if we start to detect bugs, before taking a step back and installing a previous version, we could try to reset the program’s settings completely.
  • Return Audacity to its original state: we must bear in mind that this is a program that we can use over months or even years. During that time we usually make a lot of changes to your original setup. Therefore, if we want to return the application to its initial state without uninstalling it, this function that we are talking about will be extremely useful.

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