3 scenes from Dune that Villeneuve would proudly show Frank Herbert

The official confirmation of the second part of Dune is causing many to return to focus on this film, released a little over a month ago in theaters (and on HBO). If you are one of those who have not yet enjoyed Villeneuve’s visual spectacle and have no idea of ​​the story, this article is not for you; But if, on the other hand, you have already seen the film or have simply read the books and are curious, today we reveal the three scenes that the director himself has confessed that he would have liked to show himself with pride Frank Herbert.

A complicated but satisfying adaptation

As we have already told you on more than one occasion, adapting the literary work Dune on screen has always been an impossible mission. Several projects have tried to bring the family’s story to fruition Atreides In Arrakis, however, the complexity of the plot and the richness of the universe created by Frank Herbert have always been difficult to capture faithfully in live action.

Until Villeneuve arrived. The Canadian director has finally managed to hit the mark (with a gigantic budget behind, of course) and show us a Dune that is quite convincing the general public.

It is true that those who have read the science fiction novel They may feel that it is sometimes a little “short” at times (two hours and 35 minutes is not enough for so many characters, concepts and conversations) and that those who have not had the opportunity to navigate through its pages may be somewhat unhappy With such an open ending But overall Denis Villeneuve has done a fantastic job, something the director himself is very proud of… so much so that he even wanted to show Herbert himself several scenes from the film.

The three mythical scenes of Villeneuve

An original question in ReelBlend, the podcast of CinemaBlend, has been responsible for us to talk to you about this now. And it is that in the program they interviewed the director of Dune, asking him, among other questions, what scene he would have loved to show Frank Herbert. Villeneuve, An avowed fan of the writer and his work, he has delighted everyone with the choice of not one but three that he would particularly proudly show the American novelist.

Dune trailer

The first of these is the arrival of the Reverend Mother, followed by Gom jabbar, since it thinks that it is quite similar to the book – we give him the reason totally. The second scene would be the first time that Paul travels with his father and Gurney to the desert for the first time. Although this time he has taken some creative licenses that differ from the novel, Villeneuve confesses to being proud of how they brought that moment to the screen. “I would have loved to see what you think of that approach,” he confesses.

Dune delayed release

Finally, the director keeps the movie’s ending, when Paul meets the Fremen. Its reason is worth knowing first-hand:

[…] because it is very close to what my dream was when I was a child. I remember being in the desert, and standing next to Paul Atreides with a camera, listening to Stilgar in the dark, and I got chills. I was like, ‘Oh God, it’s so close to what I had in mind as a kid.’

What do you think of Denis’s selection? Would you highlight any other scene for its similarity or good approach to the book? And any that have disappointed you?

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