3 tricks to improve the security of your data in Google Drive

When choosing a cloud storage service or another, one of the most popular that we can use is google drive. This allows us to remotely save all the files we want, up to covering our available space, safely.

These platforms have become widely used and extremely useful elements for users around the world. In addition, many of these platforms offer us their own clients for us to install on the computer. It must be said that we have the possibility of managing the space available on remote servers much better thanks to these programs that we install on the local system. One of the main reasons for all this is the configurations and parameters that they make available to us.

In this way we have the possibility of adapting the clients of the cloud storage platforms to our preferences. This is the case of the proposal that we mentioned before about Google Drive. The client that we installed in Windows offers us some configurations so manage our content in the best way here. In fact, next, we are going to talk about some interesting changes that you can make in order to improve the security of your data saved in this proposal.

At the same time, we must know that we can also work with this online content from the web version of the service. But with everything and with it, in most cases it is preferable to use the aforementioned client. In the case of Google Drive, at first we just have to download the program as such and install it on our computer in a conventional way.

Improve Google Drive security with these changes

It is worth mentioning that as long as we have it running, the search giant’s client is located in the Windows task bar. In most of the times we find the icon of him hidden from him on the right side of this mentioned section. To access its configuration options we only have to click with the right mouse button and select Preferences.

Next, we are going to talk about some of the changes in the functions available here, which will allow us to improve the security of our data in the cloud with Google Drive.

google drive preferences

  • Customize folders: In the event that we use this Google service to make backup copies, we recommend that you specify the folders that we want to upload to the cloud. The most careful with their privacy will not want certain content to be stored on remote servers.
  • Office Document Control: It is worth mentioning that we also have a parameter that allows us to have greater control over the changes made to the Office documents that we have uploaded to the cloud platform. This allows us to see in real time if someone else is modifying these save files.
  • Configure Quick Access for Explorer: In the same way we have the possibility to see everything that we have saved in Google Drive directly in the quick access section of Windows Explorer. Depending on the users of our PC, for security and privacy reasons, this is a parameter that we do not recommend activating. Otherwise, anyone who sits on our computer would have access to these saved contents much more directly.

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