3-year-old boy found dead days after his mother’s murder; the suspect committed suicide

This Thursday, policemen from Milwaukee, United States, found in a garbage container the Lifeless body of the boy Major Harris, three years old, who had been reported missing last week after murder of his mom, Mallery Muenzenberger.

The baby’s body was found in an alley off Rohr Avenue and, although local authorities they have not confirmed how he died, they did show solidarity with their family and detailed that “the investigation for both crimes is still open“Chief of Police Jeffrey Clark explained to the media.

On October 9, Mallery Muenzenberger traveled to Milwaukee with his son, but when their family lost contact with them, they reported it and an Amber Alert was also immediately issued to find the little one; the body of the 25-year-old woman was found last Thursday in the courtyard of a house and presented multiple shots, according to official information.

Before the police located the lifeless boy, a man named Jaheem clark, 20 years old, whose relationship with the victims is unknown but who was considered by investigators as person of interest in the case; However, when the uniformed men went to his house, they found that possibly he had committed suicide.

The milwaukee police detailed that in addition, they were already six people arrested related to the case, although only two 21 and 29 years old remain in custody. For its part, Carlton, the boy’s father and Mallery’s former partner, He actively participated in the search for the child since it was reported that he was missing, since from the beginning he doubted the ability of the authorities to find him.

Mallery was a victim of violence

Yes OK It has not been confirmed what relationship Jaheem and Mallory had, being considered a person of interest in his murder, it can be sensed that perhaps they were close; according to the young woman’s family, they had never heard the suspect’s name, but yes they knew that the woman was a victim of domestic violence and that scourge had been the one that had ended his life.

They told Fox 6 that their relatives counted as Mallery was interested in ending violence against women in his own house, since when they were looking through his belongings, they found a school project in which he addressed the subject. “We are heartbroken, and we are already preparing to say goodbye to Mallery, who was taken from us in such a violent way.”

The young woman’s father told WTMJ-TV that his daughter was single mother, I had two jobs and was working hard to support her son while at the same time dreamed of becoming a nurse. “Greater was his life, his joy and his purpose in life“, he expressed.

With information from Daily Mail, Fox 6 and WTMJ-TV


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