30 exclusive games to come out on Xbox Series X / S and One in 2021

Microsoft has been forced to deal with a myth for some time: this company has practically no exclusives. It is for this aspect that PS4 emerged as the main winner of the previous generation and, presumably, PS5 would do it again in the current one.

To avoid this, the American company has just published a list that includes a total of thirty exclusive video games . It is worth highlighting the fact that all of them will be compatible not only with the new X and S Series, but also with the previous ones of the One family, specifically the S and X versions.

Certainly some ‘exclusivities’ are a bit taken with a grain of salt. A clear example is that of Psychonauts 2, which will also be released for PS4. Even so, he has added it to his own list claiming that it is a title developed by a studio belonging to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Studios .

A Despite the small nuances such as the one recently described, the list is amazing and invites us to think that 2021 will be the ideal year to show that Xbox has a lot to say when it comes to games exclusive. Also, keep in mind that it only covers confirmed titles. So maybe it will end up adding some last minute releases.

Complete list of Xbox Series X / S exclusive games

  1. Halo Infinite: Start the list with the star dish, a theme-based first-person shooter of science fiction. The initial gameplay that could be seen months ago left fans of the franchise somewhat cold, but little by little a title is being polished that will become a whole console seller.
  2. Microsoft Flight Simulator: After succeeding on PC, considering it by many players as the real GOTY, in 2021 this exclusive flight simulator will be released whose performance is quite a unknown in One S and X. The new generation will move it perfectly, but due to its high technical requirements perhaps the previous one will not do so well.
  3. The Medium: Psychological horror video game that has been generating great hype for weeks with its trailers and gameplays. It will be released shortly, specifically on January 28, astonishing players with spectacular light effects and mechanics that promise to be innovative within the genre.
  4. Goodbye: Indie games are not missing from the list, as shown by the one developed by Mischief. A farmer who deals with pigs will face a kind of existential void in this atmospheric title that will predictably show off a very well crafted story.
  5. Tunic: We continue with indie video games to mention a title whose protagonist recalls Link, from the Zelda saga. And it is that it is a fox dressed in a green tunic, which carries a shield and a sword. References to said franchise will not be lacking, although it also provides its novelties, such as a stamina bar that is spent.
  6. Dead Static Drive: Very original game that combines mechanics typical of the driving and survival genres. Beyond the tension that it transfers to the players, its cel-shading-style graphic aspect stands out.
  7. Shredders: Snowboard titles do not usually reap an overwhelming success, beyond some installments of the SSX series. But Shredders promises a lot with never-before-seen snow physics, as well as impressive light effects caused by the sun.
  8. The Yakuza Remastered Collection: Three of the best titles in the series, Yakuza 3, 4 and 5, will finally be available on Xbox in their technically much better remastered version.
  9. Psychonauts 2: Although like the previous one it is not an exclusive to use, it is a title that has aroused much expectation. This platform surprises with its colorful visual style, as well as its very varied scenarios.
  10. The Artful Escape: We continue with the platform genre to cover a horizontal scrolling title. The musical theme will be very present throughout the adventure.
  11. Little Witch in the Woods: Lovers of the witch girl theme will have a great time with this J-RPG whose visual style is highly reminiscent of the Mother saga.
  12. The Ascent: Maybe this is not a good time to launch an RPG based on the cyberpunk theme, after the CD-Projekt fiasco. Even so, Neon Giant has developed a title that promises a lot, with high doses of action packed with shots.
  13. RPG Time: The Legend of Wright: If what you are looking for is originality you cannot miss this next exclusive. Fighting creatures in the purest oriental role-playing style will be hilarious thanks to the drawing mechanics that DeskWorks has implemented.
  14. Warhammer 40K: Darktide: Adventure and action will blend seamlessly in a game that will appeal even to those who are not lovers of the world of Warhammer. The creators of Vermintide are the same who are behind this exclusive, so the quality is assured.
  15. The Big Con: Logic must be applied to overcome the phases of this game. It is artistically beautiful, although it does not stand out for its next-generation graphics. Nor is it his claim, since what he wants is to excite with an innovative gameplay.
  16. Exo One: If you like space science fiction sign up for this exclusive from the list. Scenarios of various planets will be explored in complete solitude and with striking sound effects.
  17. The Wild at Heart: Indie game that mixes adventure and strategy. Moonlight Kids, the developers, were inspired by the Pikmin saga to create it.
  18. Song of Iron: Visually it can remind a bit of Limbo, although they have nothing to do with it. This time the fights and the shots will be constant in shadow scenarios that will lead you to face huge amounts of enemies.
  19. The Gunk: Action and adventure title that puts at your disposal a kind of vacuum cleaner. With it you will destroy the enemies and even make your way through the scenarios.
  20. Lake: Independent video game that will take you to experience what it is like to live permanently in a little house located on a lake.
  21. Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer’s Legacy: The overhead perspective really suits this great role-playing game that, despite having somewhat simple graphics, implements some very addictive mechanics.
  22. ExoMecha: If competitive first-person shooters are already very addictive, adding the mecha theme is expected a game that will set a precedent in the genre.
  23. Way of the Woods: More Than a video game, we could define it as an experience of a couple of hours, although it is one of those that marks, putting you in the shoes of a deer that has to solve puzzles with its calf.
  24. Last Stop: Along d e this adventure will not stop happening supernatural phenomena. Plot very well spun with three stories that are mixed together.
  25. Scorn: First person shooter in which there will be no shortage of scares. The horror atmosphere is very well crafted, conveying a constant sense of tension in its purest form.
  26. CrossfireX: Another first-person-shooter, which is highly anticipated for not focusing so much on action, but requires applying tactics if you want to defeat enemies and survive on stage.
  27. Twelve Minutes: A single developer, Luis Antonio, has been in charge of shaping this adventure. The thriller puts you in the shoes of the protagonist, who remains trapped in a kind of time loop.
  28. Sable: Adventure, platforms and action are mixed in this indie title with a very handcrafted visual section that attracts attention.
  29. Echo Generation: Role-playing game whose settings, characters and enemies have been designed using blocks in the purest Lego style.
  30. She Dreams Elsewhere: Finish the list of exclusives with another RPG with retro graphics that will excite fans of the genre.

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