32GB RAM CORSAIR Dominator Platinum RGB on sale!

Halloween is approaching and as such the offers are beginning to be scary, since the discounts are becoming smaller with an eye to Black Friday. Although there is more than a month left, stores are stockpiling inventory to launch as many items as possible on those key days, so keep a few on sale. CORSAIR DOMINATOR PLATINUM RGB in its 32 GB version it is not just anything.

Within the RAM memories there is a series that is already more of a range by itself. We are talking about the DOMINATOR, a tradition more than a product in this world and that in this case has its maximum exponent in the PLATINUM RGB. We talk about the best of the best within CORSAIR and possibly within the world of RAM, but what offer does Amazon bring us today?


«A class apart», concise and concise, this is how the brand defines its latest memories for the ordinary user, be it gamer, professional or casual. We are talking about memories with a lineage of more than 25 years with a legacy to maintain and that have made a name based on some particular characteristics.

Starting with heart attack speeds for any mortal without very advanced knowledge of memory optimization, to more common ones for the ordinary user. We start from the same type of RAM for many models and capacities, so from the first to the last we will have nothing less than a printed circuit with 10 layers High performance to ensure stability and signal quality, both stock with XMP and overclocked.

The chips that they mount are bined by hand to ensure that the times are perfect, the overclocking is very high and the performance is always the best. This has a cost and it is the temperature, since when tightening them you need more voltage, but don’t worry, they include the best heatsink in the world for it.

DHX Dual-Path and RGB

The technology is known as DHX Dual-Path, which involves two top-quality aluminum heatsinks that cool both the NAND Flash chips and the printed circuit without the need for direct ventilation. In addition, the heatsink integrates 12 CAPELLIX RGB LEDs in the upper part that will allow us to configure the lighting system from the iCUE software.

What about its technical characteristics? We talk about 2 x 16GB modules at a frequency of 3200 MHz with main latencies of 16-20-20-38 for a voltage of 1.35V thanks to an XMP profile made from scratch by the brand.

These CORSAIR DOMINATOR PLATINUM RGB 2 x 16 GB are compatible with the main chipsets on the market, both from Intel and AMD, something that is not easy to achieve in practice and for this reason they have somewhat more relaxed timings than other competitive modules. . What CORSAIR is looking for here is the maximum compatibility with the best performance, a complicated balance considering the disparity of criteria of the BMIs of Intel and AMD.

The potential of these memories is left for overclocking, where it is their natural territory despite the fact that they do not contain B-Die as such, since they are normally signed by Hynix. What price do they have? Well, the offer is punctual because they have just appeared on Amazon, but they are for more than 200 euros in other stores, while here we have them at 179.86 euros.

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