360 degree swivel surveillance cameras to watch your back

  • Simplicity. Surveillance cameras are usually very easy to install. However, check the opinions of other users well before launching to buy a specific model.
  • Discretion. Ideally, the camera should not stick out excessively and go unnoticed. Design is an important issue, even if it may not seem like it. Nor should you place an outdoor camera in an indoor one and vice versa.
  • Compatibility. Take a good look at the ecosystem that surrounds the camera. Its applications for smartphones, compatibility with voice assistants…. Maybe some camera has a service for saving recordings in the cloud attached and it interests you. In other cases it will be worth more than enough with the storage on the microSD card.
  • Communication. Most cameras are capable of recording sound. But there are also cameras that have two-way audio functions. If, for example, you are going to use the camera to monitor your children or your cats, it may be interesting to communicate from your mobile to that room in question. Like McConaughey in Interstellar, but without complicating our lives with ships and stories.
  • Image quality and zoom. You shouldn’t settle for anything that is lower in quality than Full HD resolution. It is the standard today. There are cameras with higher resolution, which will give you the ability to digitally zoom the images.
  • Sensors If you only use the camera to guard against theft, it is really important to buy a model that has a motion sensor. On the other hand, some models are also capable of recording in the dark thanks to infrared illumination.

Now that we have a few well-defined concepts, we show you some of the more interesting 360 degree cameras that we can acquire today.

Indoor surveillance cameras with 360º rotation

eufy 2K

One of the best-selling 360º surveillance cameras and with best reputation is the eufy 2K, as it has a very attractive price and it has a wide variety of functions.

The camera has built-in intelligence capable of detect motion of our pets or the crying of our children. We can communicate easily thanks to built-in speaker on the camera and receive alerts on our smartphone when movements are detected. The camera also automatically tracks moving subjects to keep them out of focus.

Finally, you have night vision and we are allowed to establish custom zones, which will give us the possibility to exclude angles that we do not want the camera to record. It is compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit. You can store in the cloud or on a microSD card.

Xiaomi Mi 360 ° Camera (1080p)

It is the most basic and economical model that Xiaomi currently has in its portfolio of surveillance products. Has resolution Full HD, its axis moves 360º with respect to the horizontal axis and 108º in the vertical. Has function of movement detector and is capable of burn in the dark with the help of infrared illumination. It also allows us to communicate with the room from the app on our smartphone thanks to the bidirectional sound.

It is not the most complete camera on the market, nor does it pretend to be, but it has more than enough functions to monitor our pets, for example. Have a affordable price and a quality more than demonstrated.

XIAOMI 360 ° Home Security Camera 2K Pro

This surveillance camera is a notch above the previous one, the more interesting its comparison is the closer its prices are.

It is able to record in 1440p resolution, It has a larger opening than the model that we have commented previously and allows us to hide the camera to have greater Privacy. The sound has higher quality in this model, since the device has Noise Cancellation. It also has automatic baby cry detection.

EZVIZ 1080p C6N

It is one of the cheapest 360º cameras on the market. It can be purchased in both black and white. Have night vision, It is capable of detecting movement and automatically chasing the subject so that we do not lose sight of it. Also has two-way audio. You can control this little camera with Alexa and with Google Home.

Recordings can be stored on a microSD card up to 256GB or use the service EZVIZ Cloud, which we can enjoy the first month for free. It’s a product very complete and for its price little more can be asked.

Yi Dome U Pro 2K

This camera has face detection, motion tracking and push notifications on our smartphone. We can also adjust a sound sensitivity so that it starts recording when detect sounds above 50 decibels. Its resolution is 2304 by 1296 pixels (that is, 3 megapixels) and allows recording correctly at night thanks to the infrared light. Its design is very discreet and interesting. We can manage the camera through the Yi Home application, where it is also possible to purchase a subscription in the cloud to store our encrypted recordings from point to point.

Imou 360º Ipc-A26Hp-V2

It has a very attractive design and stands out for its privacy mode, in which the lens can be hidden while its sensors detect nothing suspicious. Has so much two-way audio What night vision. Your resolution is Full HD and we can connect the camera directly to the router with a cable Ethernet if we are concerned about the stability of our Wi-Fi network.

This camera is capable of detect motion and track it automatically. The storage of the images can be done internally in a microSD of up to 128 GB, in its cloud service or in our own DVR.

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