3CX, a complete telephone exchange with which to boost your business

Although the term telephone exchange It may sound old, the truth is that there is no current business that can survive without the communication capabilities provided by a telephone exchange, whose name remains, but whose composition has evolved to what we understand today as a complete communication system , made up of voice, but also chat and video.

The coronavirus pandemic has also increased the need for stay connected, communicated and productive, in a world in which nothing can stop, but in which teleworking has become indispensable for many companies. But how to solve this problem efficiently, in a market full of independent solutions without integration with each other?

3CX Phone System is the answer and you can test it the way totally free for one year, without obligation.

Thus, perhaps your company has tried to supply the functionality of a telephone exchange by combining third-party applications, although we have already ventured that if this is the case, the experience will not have been the best. And it is that a telephone exchange can be implemented with all the functionality you want, with simplicity and efficiency for both your employees and your customers.

3CX offers you the functionality of a complete telephone exchange, including calls, queues calls, video conferencing, live chat, advanced call center functionalities and much more, all perfectly integrated with each other, in a flexible way and with full compatibility with widely used third-party services and what is so important, adapted to the circumstances and budget of your company.

3CX telephone exchange

The 3CX telephone exchange stands out mainly for the integration of all its components in a cloud model that adapts to the needs of the business, thus allowing an implementation with total flexibility, being able to choose between doing it in a hosted, in your own cloud or on-premises on an existing server, as well as the migration from one model to another as appropriate.

The 3CX Virtual PBX can therefore be deployed on its own physical infrastructure, but also hosted on cloud service platforms such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure, with integration with official marketplaces of these and maintaining control over it at all times. 3CX PBX installation is likewise done in minutes.

You do not have any type of infrastructure of your own or qualified personnel for its administration? No problem, because 3CX can also take care of hosting and its maintenance in a comprehensive way, including software updates and patches and 24/7 backup and monitoring. You only have to worry about attending the business.

In any case, 3CX Phone System provides you a cohesive communications environment in which you can, for example, integrate the live chat of your website, Facebook and text messages into a single system, or offer your clients meetings by videoconference without the need to install additional applications to the web browser if they are in front of to a desktop or laptop computer, or with applications for Android and iOS if they do it from the mobile phone.

3CX, a complete telephone exchange with which to boost your business 32

It should be noted that the 3CX Phone System has been developed around open standards and is compatible with popular IP phones and SIP Trunks, so you will not have problems communicating with external systems, including the main alternatives on the market.

Regardless of its accessibility and functionality, the 3CX telephone exchange offers really inexpensive plans with which you can save up to 80 percent on your bill, thanks to the fact that the entire service is provided through three simple licenses, with no extra costs for add-ons. In fact, the 3CX communications suite can provide the same level of functionality as Microsoft Teams at a fraction of the cost.

The 3CX switchboard is the same way a more economical, efficient and complete alternative to other well-known services such as Zoom, but also to software such as Asterisk, the great open source project whose learning curve and lack of support levels such as those offered by 3CX, however, distance it from any company that does not have a large and experienced technical team.

However, the best way to verify the experience and satisfaction of the 3CX Phone System is to actually try it out, which you can do during a whole year totally free. Contact 3CX without obligation to find out more or to request your free trial period.

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