3CX: the telephone switchboard your business needs

At a time like today, in which the way we work is being redefined, having a great communication solution has become an essential requirement for companies. And in this area, the telephone switchboard occupies a fundamental place.

The one who is undoubtedly the hub of any organization, regardless of its size, must be able to adjust to the needs of the business, offer a great service and above all, scale easily as the company grows, so that it works with more users than ever. become a problem.

In this field, one of the most interesting solutions that we can count on is the 3CX Communication System, an open platform telephone switchboard that works in on-premise environments both in Windows and Linux, but also, we can virtualize in a cloud space.

In addition, if we wish, we can also host the virtual switchboard on 3CX servers, which will take care of all the updates and supervision of the system, while offering all the flexibility in management to the user.

Its open nature allows us to install it on any company server, or if we wish, on our own appliance, either on a mini PC, or even on something as simple and inexpensive as a Raspberry Pi. As explained by the company itself, whether we decide to install 3CX on a local server, or if we choose to offer this service from the cloud, we can enjoy the following advantages:

  • We will have a solution that does not have extension licenses and in which we can enjoy unlimited extensions.
  • We maintain control over our telephone lines, being also a Plug & Play solution with IP phones, gateways and SIP trunks.
  • It offers web conferencing solutions, apps for mobile devices, or live chat without the need for addons.
  • It offers a complete and simple user management and control system, including entry / exit rules, flexible call groups, voicemail configuration, or remote system management.

In its commitment to improve remote work and collaboration between users, 3CX also stands out for its integration with the Microsoft Teams telephone system, which is an economical alternative to the MS365 Calling Plan itself. This allows employees to access a unified calling experience from an interface that they are already familiar with, but also benefit from a PBX Phone System complete, including advanced call queues, reports, call routing, and more.

Regarding its cost, from 3CX they assure that they offer not only one of the most complete solutions on the market, but also one of the cheapest, in which companies can save money up to 80% on your phone bill. As an example of the above and to allow companies to assess the quality of this platform, 3CX is offered completely free of charge for the first year. What are you waiting to give it a try?

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