4 Challenges Of Marketing Automation And How To Overcome Them

Marketers rely on marketing automation for managing and keeping up with several digital channels, vast amounts of customers, and customer-friendly communication styles. With so many advancements in the marketing world, it has become nearly impossible for marketers to handle all the tasks manually. By investing in a marketing automation platform like Dottely, you can program tools to build and manage relationships on your company’s behalf.

It is quite a seamless process, but still, certain marketing automation challenges exist. Here are 4 challenges of marketing automation and how to overcome them-

Failure To Use Automation Effectively

When it comes to automation, efficient execution is one of the main problems that marketers encounter. Choosing the ideal tool or platform, putting it into practice correctly, and teaching your staff to utilize it are not simple tasks. The entire procedure can be complicated when a vendor doesn’t provide free onboarding. Small firms frequently lack the necessary skills to deploy and use these beneficial technologies, even though they typically require marketing automation and stand to gain the most from it.

When marketers aren’t adequately onboarded, it will take them longer to set up and operate their new automation technology. In addition, this lack of proficiency may result in unsatisfactory campaign results.

Choose a marketing automation platform that offers excellent customer support and care to get around this issue. This will enable your marketing team to benefit fully from marketing automation and have the most outstanding marketing results possible.

Contact Data Quality Issues

Marketing automation relies heavily on data. The system will not be able to perform its best if there is phony data present in the form fills and inconsistencies between data fields. And if the data source in itself is problematic, the entire marketing effort goes haywire. So data quality issues that lead to irregular data constitute a significant challenge most marketers face.

Most businesses enter and manage data differently using landing page forms, event lists, e-commerce order forms, etc. How you segment, target, customize, and report on that data is skewed. A data strategy, a procedure for gathering, assembling, and maintaining data, is the solution to this problem. Standardize your sources of information before using marketing automation.

Automating Activities That Don’t Need To Be Automated

While marketing automation can help you accomplish more with fewer resources, not all tasks should or can be automated. Use social media as an illustration. It calls for a personal touch and an immediate response. Even while you can automate and plan your posts’ publishing, you can’t do the same for replying to the comments left by your followers.

Pre-made, editable email templates could be a great method to design your campaigns. However, messages that do not include your viewpoints and express your brand values may fall flat, disappointing your readers. So, content development shouldn’t be automated, even though it requires a lot of resources.

So, the solution to this challenge is to be mindful of the aspects of marketing that require true automation. You should be able to distinguish them from the aspects of your marketing strategy that need true customization and your creative input.

Lack Of Engaging Content

Every marketing strategy needs engaging content, yet only 65% of marketers can provide it.

It’s understandable why this is the case, given the abundance of content already available on just about any subject imaginable. Your emails and social media postings need to be powered with outstanding content personalized to your audience’s requirements and tastes; it is not enough to just automate and streamline them. As a result, to stand out from the competition and draw readers to your content, you must present them with something new.

Doing a content audit, which will reveal what you need to enhance to attract traffic, may solve this content generation difficulty. For your digital marketing plan to be effective, you might also require your marketing staff to understand how to start a blog and optimize the blog’s content.


Despite these difficulties, marketing automation is well investing your time and money in because it will significantly improve your marketing strategy and activities. Being persistent is essential, so be sure to give it some time before expecting any results.

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