4 companies that could buy (or merge with) Electronic Arts

Three applicants and one outsider

In the last hours, information has appeared about failed negotiations with NBCUniversal, in an attempt to create a group that included not only audiovisual content, but also video games, so closely linked to the former through eSports competitions or streaming platforms. So once it is known that there has been no green light between the US media giant and Electronic Arts, the market speculates with other alternatives. Which?

We are going to give you four: three that everyone handles in the pools and a fourth homegrown that, we believe, could be crouching in wait. Are these:


If we had to bet a cent on one of these four companies, without a doubt we would all jump to believe that it will be Amazon that emerges victorious: it has the most important streaming platform in the world, Twitch, has its own cloud gaming service in the US, Luna, and has shown that it also wants to reign in the development market after launching this sensational Lost Ark. So adding Electronic Arts to its catalog would be a perfect move to get some more than relevant licenses within the world of video games.


That Disney is related to Electronic Arts has only one reason: ESPN. The North American sports media conglomerate could welcome with open arms and shine all the franchises that EA Sports have around American football (John Madden), ice hockey (NHL), golf (with the PGA), basketball (NBA Live), etc. In addition to football, which, although it cannot be called FIFA, could well be renamed ESPN Soccer 24. Doesn’t sound so bad right?



We do not know the grounds that Apple will have to appear in these pools because if there is a company that It has gone wildly from getting into the video game market as one more developer (both hardware and software), that has been the Cupertino company. Electronic Arts is of little use to those of Tim Cook because their licenses are not definitive either to substantially improve their business. What are you going to do, make exclusive the Madden for iPhone, iPad or Mac? If it were up to us, we’d get her out of here already.


netflix planet location

Now, with Netflix we jump into the pool and hopefully it has water. What company wants to invest in recent times in video games to the point that in all its mobile apps it has added a tab to download them? Now, we already know that the streaming company is experiencing turmoil due to the drop in subscribers in recent times, but this operation would be a kind of solution for two depressed emporiums for the latest news around them. What better way to get rid of the sorrows than to get into a merger (or purchase) and for Electronic Arts to become the main support for this Netflix gaming leg? Everything would fit, wouldn’t it?

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