4 essential filters you should know in GIMP

For many users around the world, editing their photos has become a more than usual task. The software we use for this type of work tries to help us more and simplify everything. GIMP It is a clear example that we can also download and use without spending a single euro.

In the photo editing sector, perhaps the most representative and well-known program by most is adobe photoshop. But the truth is that not everyone is willing to pay the cost of this particular application, despite its potential. Perhaps the professionals do end up making their use profitable, but the end user has other very interesting alternatives to use. A clear example of all this can be found in the aforementioned GIMP, an open source project that for many is one of the great competitors of the aforementioned Adobe program.

We must bear in mind that once we are accustomed to using this free software, we will be able to do all kinds of retouching related work. Not in vain is it a project that is designed both for novice users and for the most advanced in these matters. But if we don’t want to complicate our lives too much and obtain more than apparent results, GIMP presents us with some interesting functions.

Among the most used in this sense we can highlight the use of filters that will give a totally different look to our images personal. In order to access these retouching elements as quickly as possible, it is something that we can do directly from the main interface of the program. We only have to go to the Filters menu so that all the available options appear, and many of them are also drop-down with multitude of options to choose from.

GIMP filters to better edit your photos

Precisely for all this, below we are going to talk about some of the most interesting filters and that you should know when working with this specific application. These, with a few mouse clicks, make our images look completely refreshed or different if we use them well. At the same time, if we want to use them, many of these filters present us with parameters to adjust their implementation as much as possible.

  • circular motion blur: a clear example of all this that we tell you is found with this filter. It automatically carries out a total blur on the loaded image that will surely be very familiar to us. Take the center of the photo as a reference to see if you can focus the rest in a circular way, creating a spectacular result.
  • remove red eye: in the Enhance section we find this one that eliminates the annoying red eyes that we find in the photos. In addition, it allows us to specify the precision threshold for these tasks.
  • soft shine: this other effect that we show you will help us to give life to our images in a personalized way. We find it in Filters / Artistic and it has sliders to adjust the brightness level and radius for the image. In just a few seconds we will obtain a more vivid and realistic photograph.
  • lens flare: This interesting filter integrates the sometimes usual and accidental lens reflections that we find when taking the shot. In addition, we can customize both its position and intensity to achieve this intended look in our photo.

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