4 Features That Should Come to Steam’s Big Picture Mode Now

When it comes to running our games on the PC, in most cases we open the store client like Steam or Epic Games to access our library. From here we can now choose the title we want to load and start enjoying it.

There is no doubt that these stores that we refer to have greatly influenced the growth of the PC platform when it comes to playing. These offer us everything we need to enjoy our leisure time in the best way. From here we can buy, download and run our favorite games in a matter of seconds. The most complete alternative of these characteristics that we can find today and for a long time, is the aforementioned Valve Steam.

Although we can use this platform games from our web browser, it is best to install the corresponding client on the computer. This will allow us to access all its available functions, in addition to being able to interact with our library. Initially, by default, we find an interface that adapts to the operating system itself. we install the client from Steam. But at the same time we can make use of the so-called Big picture mode.

We activate this by simply pressing a button located in the upper right corner and it presents us with a full-screen interface specially designed to be used, for example, on Smart TV. What’s more, makes it easy to use game controllers and access to all available functions in a more graphical way. We must bear in mind that the Big Picture mode can use it without problem on PC.

What do you miss in Big Picture mode on Steam?

But at the same time there are many users who consider that this is a mode of operation and display that has things to improve. It is precisely for all of this that we are going to talk about some functions that should arrive as soon as possible in this section of the Steam client.

  • More integrated and modern chat panel: One of the most interesting functions that Steam allows us is the possibility of interacting with our friends on the platform. However, Big Picture mode has fallen a bit behind when it comes to design. Hence, many users consider that it should be better integrated and modernize its appearance.
  • Renewed and intuitive Steam Deck-style interface: Regarding the general user interface of how it works, it needs an update. The truth is that sometimes it is not at all intuitive and Valve should give it a new look similar to what we can find on Steam Deck, for example. This would allow us to get more out of our gaming platform client using this mode.
  • CPU consumption improvements: Surely many of you have noticed that when running Big Picture mode, the CPU consumption skyrockets. This is something that can become a serious problem if we have an old or somewhat limited equipment. Therefore, the firm should optimize this interface to reduce this consumption. And we are talking about a CPU cost around 15 times more than the usual Steam interface.
  • Themes to customize your look: We have already told you before that we have the possibility of using this interface on our PC. But as happens with other programs that offer us a more special aspect, it would not hurt if we could add new themes. These would allow us to give Steam’s Big Picture mode a more original touch.

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