4 free courses to create and master databases

When working with large amounts of information, the best way to do it is by establishing filters and creating queries that allow us to access a certain number of data items that match the search criteria. Microsoft Access, including Microsoft 365 subscription is a great first introduction to advanced database managers. However, it is not a simple tool and, like similar applications, it requires a dedication time to get the most out of it.

Self-taught learning is fine when we have a lot of free time, but it is not an option when the free time we have is conspicuous by its absence. If we want to learn how to manage and create databases, we can use one of the different free courses that we show you below, courses that will teach us from the basic concepts to the most advanced to get the most out of our work.

  • MySQL course from scratch. Through Udemy, we can access a SQL course from zero to advanced level. As it is a course that starts from the base, it is the best option for users who have not had the opportunity to interact with this type of application, since they explain the basic concepts necessary to create a database and carry out all kinds of queries. to filter large amounts of information. To give us an idea of ​​how interesting this course is, we just have to look at its score: 4.3 stars out of 5 possible after having received more than one hundred thousand ratings. We can access this course completely free of charge through this link.
  • Introduction to NoSQL databases. Once we have a base on how databases work, we can complement all the information we have learned with this free course on IBM available through Coursera where we will make the most of the related databases that allow us to obtain results from different data sources for the same question. This course is available through this link.

Free courses databases

  • Database design and SQL. Another interesting option to expand our knowledge about how databases work can be found in this course created by the University of Michigan and available through Coursera. This course, like the previous one, focuses on teaching us how to get the most out of the relationships between databases through postgresql, an open source, object-oriented database management system. Access this course through Coursera.
  • Introduction to Firebase for Android. If our needs are to create a database that is accessible from the cloud for the Android ecosystem, this is the course we are looking for, a course that will show how to store data in the cloud and how to access it from an Android application using Firebase . This course is available through the Udemy course platform.

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