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As we have mentioned above, the Windows screen saver function is still available in Windows 10 and Windows 11, however, the Microsoft operating system, within the power options, configures the system to directly turn off the screen instead of displaying a moving image. The function of the screen saver is to display a moving image on the screen to prevent certain areas of the screen from burning or losing color, but if we know how, we can give it real day-to-day utility.

But, first of all, we must access the Windows section where the screen saver is located. To access this option, we can do it from the control Panel through the Energy optionsalthough the quickest method is to use the Windows search box by entering the terms “screen saver” and selecting the option change screen saver.

By default, the selected screen saver is (none). To activate it and make it work after the time that we establish in Waitit will automatically activate and display the one we have chosen to display.

show time

Of the different screen savers available in Windows 10 and Windows 11, the one that allows us to show the time in which we are, is found in the option 3D text. Once we have selected it, click on the Configuration button.

Within this section, in the Text section, we must select Hour. From now on, when we activate the screen saver, it will show the current time with a black background.

Screen protector

show a name

the screen saver 3D textnot only allows us to configure it to show the time, but also allows us to display a text by checking the option Personalizedsuch as, for example, our name, that of a company or any other that we want.

In section Motion, we can select what rotation we want it to do. In addition, we can also add a texture to the text, set the color we want, modify the rotation speed, the type of font, and much more.

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image carousel

If we want different images to be displayed randomly, the option we must select is Photographs. To select the location where the photographs are displayed, we must click on the Configuration button and then on Browse. In addition, we can also modify the time that they are displayed on the screen and if we want them to do so in an orderly or random way.

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block session

Regardless of the wallpaper we select, we can check the box Show login screen on resume so that, when leaving the screen saver, we are asked for the user password. If we do not want to show any wallpaper, but we want, after, for example, a minute, to show the blank screen and automatically show the home screen, we must select the Empty protector.

Empty Screen Saver - Login

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