4 Linux distributions for gamers

Linux, for a long time, was seen as a more work-oriented operating system, and it remains a good alternative for that even today. However, in recent years, the penguin system has also started to gain popularity with the gaming public.

Although it is possible to play with practically any distribution, the truth is that some of them are really focused on the gamer audience or come more game-ready by having specific drivers pre-installed and the like. already the TecMasters prepared this list with 4 Linux distributions indicated for the gamer audience. Check out!


Other distributions like Ubuntu, Mint and Manjaro could make the list, but the TecMasters chose to list distributions really focused on the gamer audience that come “almost ready” to run PC games.

Despite this, it is worth noting that to run native Windows games, some settings in Proton, Lutris, Wine and other tools may be necessary.

4 Linux distributions suitable for gamers


Pop!_OS is a Linux distribution that has its own graphical environment, which seeks to let users easily navigate through programs and settings. To make life easier for those who want to play, System76 maintains a version of its system with the Nvidia drivers pre-installed, which are not always present by default in other distributions because they are proprietary.

Image: System76

In addition, Pop!_OS also comes with Steam, Lutris and GameHub pre-installed.


ChimeraOS is a distribution intended for gamers who want to make their PC look like a “video game”. The reason for this is the fact that the operating system boots directly into the “Steam Big Picture”, which lets players more easily launch their Steam games with a joystick.

ChimeraOS Linux - Steam Big Picture

Image: ChimeraOS

Not only that, ChimeraOS Linux also brings an easy method of installing new apps and supports Epic Games Store, GOG and other platforms.

Garuda Linux Gaming Edition

The Garuda Linux distribution is known for having a strong visual appeal and for bringing a simple installation process. One of its variants with the KDE graphical environment has a series of adjustments so that the games can run better.

Garuda KDE Dr460nized Linux - Gaming Edition

Image: Garuda Linux

Not only that, this version, better known as “Gaming Edition”, comes with pre-installed tools like Steam, Heroic Games Launcher, Lutris, Proton GE Custom and more.


The SteamDeck is Valve’s portable PC that has attracted attention because of its hardware, but its system has also caught the interest of many gamers. One of the reasons for this is the fact that it is an “updated version” of SteamOS, which, like ChimeraOS, brings the “Steam Big Picture” interface as a highlight with some new and useful features.

HoloISO Linux - SteamOS

Image: HoloISO

HoloISO, it is worth noting, has no connection with Valve, but claims that the project is practically 99% identical to the owner of Half-Life, since the packages are obtained from their servers. A differential of the system in relation to SteamOS is due to the support for the latest Nvidia cards, but which may have some bugs.

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