4 programs that we miss in the Microsoft Store

If we talk about the most recent versions of the Windows operating system, one of the sections on which the firm has most wanted to focus from the beginning is its official store. Specifically, we refer to the Microsoft Store where we can find a huge number of programs and games, among other content.

However, despite the efforts of the company to which we refer, the success and acceptance of this store has not been what was expected from the beginning. The truth is that users largely still prefer to download the conventional versions of the programs from their official websites. In this way, what they do is reject the UWP versions of the Universal Windows Platform available in the Store.

Some developers over the years have made the determination to adapt their projects and release specific versions for this shop. However, many others have not considered it important enough and have continued to offer the usual versions of their projects. All this despite the work and efforts of the Windows developer company itself to bring the Microsoft Store to the largest number of users.

In fact, at this point and after a few months of life Windows 11, we can say that there are still some important applications that are missing in this store. We are talking about this version of the system because Microsoft has introduced some important changes in this section in order to improve it compared to Windows 10. That is why we are going to talk about some interesting applications that should still reach the Microsoft Store in its UWP version to complete it and make it more attractive.

Apps that should hit the Microsoft Store soon

We tell you all this because there are certain software titles that are widely used but that we cannot find in the windows official store. Next, we will mention some of the most anticipated and desired by many users and that should arrive as soon as possible. Here we refer to both free and paid software solutions.

  • Photoshop: here we find what could be considered the most used photo editor globally. Belonging to the developer Adobe, for many users this application is essential in their day-to-day with the PC, both personally and professionally, so it would not hurt in the store.
  • stuntman: This is another Adobe application that is widely used on all types of computers, especially suitable for working with the PDF office format. In fact, it could be considered as the reference program to carry out all kinds of tasks with these extensive files and non-existent in the Windows store.
  • Chrome: and speaking of benchmark programs in its sector. When we talk about something as transcendent as current internet browsers, Google Chrome It has more than 70% market penetration. With everything and with it we cannot find an official version of the application in the Microsoft Store.
  • GIMP: When it comes to editing our own photos, Adobe Photoshop’s main free competitor is GIMP. It is an open source project that at the moment does not have a UWP version for Windows.

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