4 PS5-compatible controllers that outperform your DualSense

It is difficult to emulate the DualSense

We all have close (or ourselves) users who for whatever reason, shortly after buying a console, They are looking to acquire a command with greater features for use with the console in professional mode. Well, in the case of PS5 and its DualSense, things are complicated because, we don’t know if it’s because of the scarcity of machines or because of the perfection achieved by Sony in the design of its gamepad, that there are very few specifically recommended models on the market. to connect them to one of these brand new PS5.

So we are going to list four cases that, the truth, exceed the price of the DualSense a little but because they focus their market on that of Pro gamers who want to maximize the possibilities of the game. With additions focused on “winning, winning and winning… and winning again”, as the classic said.

SCUF reflex

these gamepad they are a reflection of the design of the Sony DualSense but they have a peculiarity, and that is that we can choose the colors and design of the gamepad as we please. We just have to go to the manufacturer’s website to create our own from the flat colors that they offer us or just textures. In addition, these models add two levers on the back that allow a better grip and add certain extra functions that the original DualSense does not have. Its price reaches (depending on what we add) 250-275 euros.

Raizer Raion

Razer Rayon.

This Razer model will seem too simple to you because it has no analog sticks and there is a reason: it is not dedicated to replace the DualSense in any type of game, but only in fighting games, where it shows all its versatility thanks to that directional crosshead that clearly marks the fighter’s movements and places the six buttons that are usually necessary on the same control plane. As you can see, the R1 and R2 appear next to the traditional four, precisely, to have a more classic gamepad configuration, in the style of the Mega Drive or Super Nintendo controllers specifically designed for Street Fighter II and company.

Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro

Nacon Revolution.

Nacon is a brand that has a range of gamepads very focused on the Pro sector and this is a clear example since it offers us, in addition to a design very inspired by the PS4 controller, the possibility of configuring it at will to create profiles by games as well as greater precision and amplitude of movements of each button, which will be very useful for those users who focus on the competitive part of video games, either because they participate in eSports leagues or events, or because they take themselves very seriously. your online games with friends.

Razer Raiju Tournament Edition

Razer Raiju.

This controller is also inspired by the design of the PS4 DualShock 4 but adds a much more precise adjustment of all its controls, more sensitive trigger mode and the possibility of cable control, something essential for those who like to compete online and have the maximum guarantee that it will not leave them lying (the battery) in the middle of a map. It is compatible with your PS5 and also represents a leap in quality compared to DualSense itself.

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