4 reasons not to use a credit card when buying online (and one to always use it)

Compared to what was the case just a few years ago, most e-commerces today make multiple functions related to security and privacy available to us. This allows us to make our purchases without fear of being scammed or our bank details leaked. However, as is the case with most Internet platforms, the security It is not always 100% reliable. Hence, we have to do our part and take certain measures.

And it is that the attackers are keeping an eye out to try to find security holes in what refers to our online payments. One of the most common methods to make payments for our purchases on the Internet is to use a credit card. It is worth mentioning that there are several reasons why we should not use this system and look for other alternatives such as some kind of platform PayPal. It is also true that there is a compelling reason to use a credit card online.

The account charge is not immediate

Contrary to what happens with debit cards, the use of this type of credit for many has the advantage that the charge is not made immediately. This means that what we spend with these credit cards are not charged at that moment in our bank account. However, at the time of to buy online this can become an inconvenience in the event that we are scammed since we will not immediately notice if it is misused.

Card numbers can be reused

When using your credit card to pay in our online shopping, as it could not be otherwise, we are obliged to enter all the numbers corresponding to it. Here are included the 3 digit security. This means that if these numbers are leaked for any reason, the attacker or malicious user could use all of it to make purchases at any other Internet store.

We should always make sure of the security methods available to that particular online store.

The credit card limit is high

There are several types of credit cards, each with its established limits by the Bank. Some of them have a fairly high spending limit set. In addition, if we have not previously configured it, this high limit can even be applied to expenses during the same day. Therefore, if a malicious user gets hold of our credit card details when paying at an online store, they would have a lot of room to continue making purchases at our expense.

Many vulnerabilities target this method

With this, what we want to tell you is that malicious users try to exploit certain vulnerabilities, especially focused on the use of Credit cards. Hence, they use different methods to try to capture in one way or another the introduction of the corresponding digits to get hold of them and spend that credit on our behalf.

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Advantage of using the credit card online

But at the same time there is an important advantage that today allows us to use these credit cards that we tell you about with complete confidence. And it is that many of them have associated anti-fraud insurance that protects us against the misuse of these payment methodseither in person or over the Internet. This could be a good reason for many to buy this way with complete confidence.

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