4 reasons to use the qBittorrent search engine

When we have to search for content on the internet of any kind, we have several download methods that we can benefit from. Normally we use the web browser, although Torrent clients for P2P networks have also been very useful for years. This is precisely the case that we are going to talk about next with one of the most popular and used, qBittorrent.

These are programs whose objective and main functionality have generated a lot of controversy over the years, and even decades, we could say. This certain rejection by certain sectors has been given by specific uses that some users have made of these P2P clients. we refer to its use to download video content subject to copyright. But the truth is that Torrent format files have many other extremely useful uses.

Both end users and companies share their own content through these clients due to their versatility and download advantages. On many occasions to locate torrent files of certain contents what we do is search for them via the web. Those specific pages provide us with the corresponding file that we download to our computer or directly load in the default client, such as qBittorrent. As surely many of you already know, from that moment the download of the contents associated with it begins.

But as we mentioned before, in this particular case we want to focus on one of the advantages offered by the aforementioned client. Not in vain is it one of the main benchmarks in the software sector, so there are many Additional functions that presents us

Activate and use the search engine in qBittorrent

Among the many features that we can make use of in this program, it is worth noting that it has its own Torrent file search engine. Initially this is disabled, although we can easily activate it from the View / Search Engine menu. In that instant a new tab opens in the main window in which we only have to click.

qbittorrent engine

There are several reasons for using this function, beginning because thanks to the same we avoid using external web pages to locate the contents that we are interested in downloading. It is also interesting to know that this engine gives us the possibility of add new search plugins own. At first qBittorrent by default offers us some sources from which to download these Torrent files through the search engine that we mentioned. But at the same time we can add new sources for future searches, as we told you.

At this point it is also worth knowing that this function has its own filter that we can use to limit the location of files Torrent. We find a multitude of categories that allow us to filter this process and find what interests us more quickly. Also, we cannot forget something obvious. As we find the Torrents we are looking for from this feature, the same are uploaded directly to qBittorrent. From all this it can be deduced that those of you who regularly use this type of file in particular, this search engine will save you time and will optimize downloads with qBittorrent.

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