4 small Smart TVs ideal for your kitchen or living room

Whenever we think of someone who goes to a store to buy a Smart TV, we imagine that they are going to leave there with the largest model possible: 70, 75, 80 or more inches, for that of filling an entire wall of the living room and watching movies as if it were a cinema. But what happens when we don’t need so much and the gap that we must fill barely occupies the space that remains between a cupboard and the microwave?

Why do we need a small Smart TV?

If you find yourself in this situation, then you have come to the right article because We are going to recommend four models of 24-inch televisions, a size more than enough to place it in the kitchen and quickly watch any television program we need. Even applications in streaming where versatility and performance do not have to be at odds with a smaller screen size. Not even with the price, so none will go beyond 400 euros.

Of course, keep in mind that many of the parameters that can move you to acquire a Smart TV of epic dimensions can be blurred in a model with these characteristics. Why? Okay, surely to see the news between potato and potato that we peel it is not necessary to have 4K resolutions of image. Even FullHD 1080p or Dolby Vision, Dolby Audio and four or five HDMI inputs, so all those requirements that we are subtracting help to reduce the price.

Then we leave you the four 24-inch Smart TVs that can best come to you to place in the kitchen (or your children’s room).

Engel LE2450

Engel Smart TV.

This model has a 24-inch LED panel, resolution 1,366 × 768 (HD) pixels, DTT channel tuner, HDMI connector, USB 2.0 and an interesting VGA connector in case we want to use a laptop as a second screen, or a desktop computer as the main monitor. It does not offer the possibility of using apps (Netflix, Disney +, etc.) so it is ideal to use with it a Fire TV Stick, a Chromecast, etc.

Nokia SmartTV

Nokia SmartTV

This Nokia model is very interesting because add Android TV as operating system, so we will have Chromecast functions and streaming applications as well as access to the Google assistant. It has a DTT channel tuner, HDMI, USB and headset connectors, Wi-Fi and cable connectivity and a resolution of 1,366×768 pixels.

Cello 12 Volr C2420GDE

Cello SmartTV

In our opinion, it is the most complete model because it has the smart Android TV section and the many apps that we can install on it, as well as HDMI, USB and headset connectors. Wi-Fi and wired connectivity, HD resolution and, very importantly, a VGA port to use computers or, if you are very geek, old consoles like a Dreamcast with the VGA Adapter. It offers Chromecast features and access to the Google Assistant.

TD Systems K24DLC16GLE

TD Systems Smart TV

Finally we come to a Smart TV model that also has practically traced characteristics to those of previous models: HD screen resolution, two HDMI connectors, presence of Android TV to access the Play Store and its streaming platforms, Chromecast functions and consult Google Assistant, in addition to wireless and cable connectivity to Internet.

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