4 things you didn’t know your browser could do

Surely many of you as soon as you start your computer, one of the first programs that you put into operation is the Web navigator. This is mainly due to the enormous presence that the internet has right now, both on the desktop and on the mobile device.

The developers of these specific programs are fully aware of the importance of their projects in our daily lives. Hence precisely the constants updates that they submit for their programs and that add new features or improve existing ones. All without mentioning the security patches that are responsible for correcting the latest vulnerabilities discovered, something extremely important. Some of us have been using this type of application for decades, and its growth over the years has been enormous.

Once they were software solutions quite basic that were in charge of acting as a gateway to the infinite world of the internet. However, right now we find ourselves with powerful programs full of functions and features that try to make the browsing experience easier. In addition, they complement each other with programs from other software sectors and protect us from the multiple attacks to which we are exposed. There are dozens of features available in today’s web browsers, so there may be some that we don’t know about.

That is why we are going to talk about certain tasks that you may not have known that your favorite browser can do by itself.

Take advantage of these unusual features of your browser

It’s practically Impossible for us to know in detail all the functions that these programs offer us. Let’s look at some very useful features that you may not have known about.

  • Read a website out loud: There are some programs with these characteristics, as is the case with Microsoft’s proposal, Edge, which are responsible for reading the websites we visit. This means that we can listen to the text content of the web pages that we want through the speakers of the computer. It goes without saying that on many occasions this will save us from reading all that interests us and listen comfortably while we do other things.
  • Subtitle any video: Google’s proposal, Chrome, has a function that automatically subtitles, at the moment only in English, any video that we load in the program. The feature is called Automatic Captions and we found it in the Accessibility area. Thus, taking into account the large amount of video content that we consume from the browser, this is a feature that can be very interesting.
  • Share any page with a QR: Another very interesting function that the aforementioned Edge offers us is to create a QR code of any website. For example, this will allow us to share a shortcut to that page in a more original and comfortable way. It is enough that we click with the right mouse button on the web that we have loaded to find the feature that we are commenting on.
  • Create a link to a specific text: in the same way on certain occasions, instead of wanting to share the entire web, just we want a reference to a certain text. This means that we can send a URL that refers specifically to a specific text that is part of that website. For example, in Google Chrome we only have to mark the selection and click with the right button on it to generate that link.

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