4 things you should never do with your router

Errors when using the router

These 4 router errors They are very important and should be avoided at all costs. In this way we are not only going to make it work in the best possible way, but we will also avoid security flaws that expose our personal data and pose a risk.

Leave defaults

One of the main mistakes, and that many users make, is to leave the router as it comes from the factory. That is, leave the name of the network, the configuration, the password for both the Wi-Fi and to access the device… Sometimes for convenience, for not having to configure anything else; other times due to ignorance.

However this is a problem. It is for security, since an attacker could exploit a vulnerability if he knows the model of the router (sometimes it comes in the name), for example. But also in terms of performance, since we would not be optimizing it and preparing it to work better according to our case.

put it in the wrong place

Another very important error is not place the router well. This, in addition, can mean that we cannot even connect wirelessly or the signal is very weak. But it is also another of the common mistakes, since for ease and comfort we sometimes put it anywhere in the house.

Ideally, place the router in a central location in the home. From there you can better distribute the signal so that we can connect from other devices. However, an alternative may be to put it right in the area where we are really going to connect other devices and thus make the most of the coverage.

Problem with having the router always on

not update it

Perhaps we are facing a device that users do not usually update frequently. Update the computer, the mobile, applications… That is more common and we usually do it frequently. But in the case of the router, many users have not even updated it since the technician put it on.

It is essential to update the router to always have the latest firmware version and achieve optimal performance. In this way, we will also correct possible vulnerabilities that may exist and that are exploited by attackers to access the network and even be able to control other connected devices.

don’t protect it

The fourth mistake that we should not make in the router is leave it unprotected. It is true that today it is not so common to see a Wi-Fi network without a password, but the truth is that it is not always secure. In addition, there are other factors beyond the wireless network key that we must also configure to increase protection.

For example, we must use a good password to access the router configuration and not just the Wi-Fi key. But you also have to use good encryption and avoid obsolete ones, such as WEP. But protecting the router is also checking for updates and seeing if there are intruders on the network.

Therefore, all this is what you should avoid to get your Internet to work in the best possible way, to have good speed and also to maintain security. These are simple steps that you can carry out at any time and that should be done periodically.

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