4 Thunderbird extensions to better manage our contacts

Most users use instant messaging services such as WhatsApp or Telegram on a daily basis. But equally, and despite the years that it has been with us, email is still a very widespread platform. To manage all of this, we sometimes use certain clients, as in the case of thunder bird.

Over the years, the mail web services as is the case of the popular Google’s Gmail. However, the aforementioned clients in the form of programs that we are talking about and that we install on the PC, offer us some interesting advantages. For example, they do not require a constant internet connection for their organization and management, among other things.

As we mentioned before, email services have been around for decades, so some of the clients have become extremely popular. In these lines we want to focus on one of the best known, we refer to Thunderbird. Here we find a powerful program that allows us to manage and manage different email accounts from a single interface. Serve as a clear example this that we commented on and in which we can add several email accounts to manage them in the best way.

However, as is usual in most programs, certain users want to go one step further in terms of functionality. For this, on many occasions, certain external add-ons or extensions are used. This is the case that we also find with the aforementioned Thunderbird. Precisely for all this, below we will talk about a series of extensions that will help you to better manage contacts of your email accounts.

Thunderbird extensions to manage contacts

If there is an element that could be considered as key in everything that surrounds the email, those are our contacts. Therefore, being able to manage them in the best way is something that most users are looking for. Let’s look at some additional elements that we can install in thunderbird client for all of it.

  • TbSync: First, we are going to focus on an extension that allows us to take advantage of multiple elements of the mail. To give you an idea here we find a single user interface that allows us to manage multiple accounts. The most interesting thing is that from it we can synchronize all the information of our contacts, among other things, in an effective and comfortable way.
  • gContactSync: surely many of you use a Gmail account for mail. Well, thanks to this add-on that we are talking about now, you will have the possibility of synchronizing your contacts between Thunderbird and Google mail in a simple way.
  • Auto Address Cleaner T: when we send messages to others from the client, it is usually add the name of the receivers next to the account. This extension is responsible for removing this element on unnecessary occasions so that it is not displayed, all automatically before sending as such.
  • Birthday Calendar: The functions that these mail managers like Thunderbird present us with are many. Thanks to this extension we will be able to automate the arrival of the birthday of our contacts to the calendars used in the program.

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