4 TOP functions of InShot to edit video on iPhone

InShot highlights on iOS

The first of the points for which Inshot stands out the most is the capacity it offers to the user of power adapt the video format at all times to the social network for which you want to use it. Regardless if you want it for Instagram in story or post format, Tik Tok, Twitter or YouTube itself.

The possibility of work with different layers It is also one of the most outstanding functions of this application, since to carry out more professional videos it is practically essential to be able to superimpose different clips. In addition, the way to use it is really simple and intuitive, which is another of the great advantages that InShot has.

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Another highlight here is that it offers the possibility of play with the different clips, and for this InShot has different functions that you also have available in professional editors such as Final Cut Pro or Premiere. In this way you will be able to modify the speed of the clips as you wish, either to speed them up or to slow them down, as well as being able to freeze different frames and invert the video whenever you want.

The fourth and final highlight comes with the export functions of the video offered. And it is that it makes available to the user different parameters that can be modified to adapt it to the needs of the moment, such as the resolution, reaching up to 4K or the frame rate, something that must always be taken into account. Also choosing the type of file that will be generated is another remarkable option, being able to choose between MOV and MP4.

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Is the best? Our conclusion

It is difficult to say that InShot is without a doubt the best video editor for iPhone, since after all, everything will vary depending on the needs of each user. However, we can affirm that is one of the most complete options found on the App Store, allowing users to create truly professional videos with features like the featured ones and many others.

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Although the value of InShot not only lies in the large number of functions it has, but using this application to edit video in any of the available formats is really easy and intuitive. In fact, this app is one of the most used by many content creators who are dedicated to making videos on a daily basis for social networks such as Instagram or Tik Tok.

Of course, you must take into account several aspects about the app. And it is that, can be used for free, but with limitations or additions such as an app watermark that subtracts a certain personality from the creations. If you want to remove this trace and access premium features You must go to the cashier and pay the monthly subscription of 3.99 euros or the annual subscription of 12.99 euros.

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