4 tricks for Pluto TV, enjoy more of all these free channels

Surely many of you already know first-hand that you have the possibility of enjoying a multitude of video streaming platforms. Here we find content of all kinds in the form of movies, series and documentaries. But one of the biggest drawbacks of a large part of these online services is that we will have to pay a subscription.

We are talking about platforms as popular as Netflix that have been with us for several years and that little by little are monopolizing the audiovisual market. However, not everyone is willing to pay a subscription for this content that we are discussing. Precisely for all this, some of the free streaming platforms that we can benefit from today are so interesting.

Perhaps the most interesting and one of the best known at the moment is the one offered by Pluto TV. Here we find a huge number of channels that offer us a wide variety of audiovisual content. All without spending a single euro and without even having to register on the web, we can access all kinds of thematic channels. So we can enjoy movies, series and documentaries without having to pay a single euro.

In addition, we will be able to benefit from all this both from our desktop computers as from the mobile. We have Pluto TV applications at our fingertips, and we can also use the web browser.

Get the most out of Pluto TV with these tricks

That is why below we will talk about a series of tricks that you can use on the streaming platform that we are discussing to better enjoy the content available here.

  • Use the integrated search engine: as in many other streaming platforms, the enormous amount of content available can saturate us. This basically means that we don’t know where to start or what to see at that moment. It is advisable to use the platform’s search engine to locate specific channels or content titles.

  • Take advantage of videos on demand: this is a platform mainly known for the television channels that it offers us. But we can also use a section of videos on demand or VOD to enjoy documentaries, movies and series anywhere and anytime when we have an opportunity.
  • Prioritize the highlights and news: it may also be the case that we have been using this platform for a while pluto tv and look for other things. Hence, the online service offers us two sections that may be very useful to us. One of them focuses on the news that has just arrived on the platform, while in the other we find the most outstanding content at that moment. Both entries are found in the left panel of the main interface.

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  • Check the timeline: if we are looking for audiovisual content for a certain time that we will be able to view it, all we have to do is take a look at the timeline offered by the main interface from the Pluto TV platform. So we can see first-hand the movies and series that will be played at a certain time, later.

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