4 video player settings to extend the life of your screen

Today we use our computers for both work-related tasks and leisure. This includes the usual reproductions of video content that we carry out almost constantly. For all this we use some player specifically developed for these tasks, but it is always advisable to configure it properly.

There is no doubt that, to get the most out of this software Specifically, there are very important hardware components, as in the case of the screen. In fact, it could be said that this element is the most important, together with the installed speakers, when it comes to run our video content in the player. But on certain occasions an intensive use of this type of files in particular can negatively affect, over the years, the aforementioned PC screen.

That is why it is best to carry out a series of simple settings in this program so extend the life of your computer monitor. We could point out that most of the applications in this multimedia sector offer us a good number of customizable functions. Some of them focus on the use of the screen in order to improve the experience with the multimedia content player. Precisely for this reason we recommend you take a look at the configuration section of your favorite program for this type of use.

Here you will find some parameters that will allow you to take a little more care of such a valuable element as the screen of your computer. Keep in mind that it is working constantly, so configuring it correctly is more than correct.

Set the player to take care of the screen

Let’s see some of the most common parameters that we can find in this type of programs specifically for the video playback. Generally we will find all this in its configuration or preferences section.

player screensaver

  • Activate the screensaver: Many current media players include their own screensaver function. Its operation is similar to the function included in Windows itself and helps us extend the life of this component. In the event that it is disabled by default, we recommend that you activate this element in the video player.
  • Adjust resolution to optimal: We must bear in mind that when working with the PC and especially when viewing multimedia content, we can use multiple resolutions on the monitor. However, each of them, depending on the model, has a recommended resolution. That is why for this task that we are looking for here we should configure that same resolution to use by default in the program.
  • Set auto power off: Normally, for professional reasons, it may be the case that we have a looped playlist loaded. In these cases, the most recommended way to take care of the screen is to program the automatic shutdown of the video player so as not to make unnecessary use of the component we are talking about.
  • Avoid full screen if not necessary: also in the event that we do not need to run the program in full screen to play videos, we can avoid it in order to take care of the screen a little more in the long run.

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