4 ways to fill your Steam library without spending a lot of money

Sell ‚Äč‚Äčitems from your inventory and buy games

There are many ways to add objects to our Inventory: participate in community events, play online, accumulate hours of play to unlock cards, etc. Some of these items can be worth a few cents, but others can be worth several euros, it all depends on the rarity. And those items can be easily sold on the Steam market.

The money from the objects we sell is added to our wallet. And, in general terms, it behaves like normal money, being able to spend it in the store for the games we want.

Take advantage of bundles or game packs

Beyond the Steam store itself, there are different platforms that allow us to get game packs for very little money. Humble bundleFor example, it is one of the best known, since it allows us to buy game packages by donating part of the money raised to charity. The truth is that this platform is not what it was for a long time, and the titles they offer us leave much to be desired. Luckily, there are many other similar stores, being one of the most complete, and the best game packages it offers us, Fanatical (former Bundle Stars).

Age of Empires 1 and 2 Definitive Edition Humble Bundle

For just one euro we will be able to add several games to our Steam account. And, as we pay more, we can add more and better games.

Look for Steam sales

several times a year, Valve’s store fills with all kinds of sales. In these offers we can find games discounted up to 90%, which means a considerable saving of money when buying games compared to buying it at its normal price.

Summer sale Steam 2020

There are several types of rebates. The most important are summer and winter, although we can also find other interesting sales, such as weekend, Halloween, spring … and even developer or franchise sales.

In addition, some weekends the manufacturers let us play some of their games for free, offering us the possibility to buy the game after trying it for a lower price than usual.

Add the free games to your Steam library

Not all the games that we can find in the Valve store are paid. On this platform we can find a large number of free gamesSome are a bit low quality, but others are great productions that can give us hours of fun, as is the case with Warframe.

We can find these games in the store, and download and install them for free to add to our library. Once added we can uninstall them (if we are not going to play them right now) to free up space, but these games will increase the number of titles available.

Nor can we forget about the free games that, sometimes, we can find. But those games already depend on the developers themselves.

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