4-year-old boy almost died from frozen at school: they left him out because they believed he had Covid-19

A four-year-old boy suffered hypothermia after his kindergarten teachers They will “isolate” you in a room located on the patio because allegedly “had symptoms of Covid-19”, although it actually only featured a mild coldaccording to his mom.

The authorities of the Wigton Infant School, Cumbria, UKthey said to Chloé wilby, the mother of little Mason, who followed the established protocol when suspected of cases of the new coronavirus: if they detect one, isolate the child away from other students and teachers -but under the supervision of an adult- and call your parents or guardians to pick you up.

However, the woman assures that when she arrived his son was in a kind of “shed” outside the classrooms that did not have heating. According to official reports, on these dates, the temperatures in Cumbria, United Kingdom have oscillated between 5 and -2 centigrade.

The child could not speak, his eyes were watery, he was shaking too much “and his hands were red, raw … they even made him have lunch outside, no games or games, nothing,” Chloé told the News & Star.

The mother, concerned and outraged by the actions of the school, withdrew with her son and took him to a doctor, who asked her to call an ambulance better since Mason had a strong hypothermia, which is when the body loses more heat than it produces and leads to an abrupt drop in temperature.

What did the school say about it?

The Mirror points out that Geoff Norman, director of the kindergarten, explained that at school students with possible symptoms of Covid-19 are taken to the outside room and a member of staff stays with him until the parent or guardian arrives at pick it up. Said for several months they had operated without major incident.

However, following Mason’s medical emergency, who were at risk after hypothermia, the manager specified that they will no longer isolate suspected cases abroadbut in a classroom within the school. Despite Chloé’s insistence that what happened be thoroughly reviewed, Cumbria County authorities determined that there was no crime to pursue.


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