4 YouTube tricks to save and organize your videos: once you try the second you won’t be able to live without it

Youtube It is one of the main references when we talk about streaming video portals. Owned by Google, this website is visited daily by a large number of regular internet users, hence its importance and enormous amount of content.

We must bear in mind that the time has come for anyone to become a YouTuber, although that does not mean that it will be successful. We can share our experiences or experiences in the form of videos with friends and family, it’s that simple. To become a successful youtuber and reach millions of subscribers, we will have to work on it a little more. And not only that, if we add to this the enormous competition that exists at the moment, we will have to generate content of enormous interest and expose it in a certain way.

Precisely for all this, most YouTube users limit themselves to reproducing the publications of others and enjoying them on their devices. However, as we mentioned, the content here does not stop growing minute by minute, so locating videos of interest can become a real ordeal. Precisely for this reason, the platform itself offers us some integrated functions that will allow us to save and organize our favorite videos. Next, we will talk about some interesting ways to achieve this and thus access the publications that we like and interest more quickly.

Add to Favorites

When we find certain content in the form of a video on YouTube, to save it and thus have it more at hand in the future we can add it to Favorites. This is something similar to what we do with certain websites in browsers, something we achieve by clicking on the save button which is located in the player bottom.

Here we only have to select the option called Favorites so that this content is added to This own section.

Create custom lists on YouTube

But if we want to go one step further in the organization of these videos, in that same button we also have the possibility of creating our own personalized lists. This will allow us, for example, catalog the different contents in topics creating lists with each of them and adding the publications that interest us to each of these lists. This will allow us to have that content much more at hand in the future and reproduce it directly in an organized way.

youtube favorites

Save the channel to my account

Another effective solution to have more at hand the contents that interest us in the form of videos from a certain creator, is to save their channel completely. Here we will not only have a specific video more efficiently available, but we will also be able to instantly access all those that the user in question has published. This solution will be very useful to us if most of the publications of that particular youtuber.

Copy and save YouTube video URL

If we click with the right mouse button on that content when it is being played on YouTube, we find an option that allows us to save video url. Although this is a somewhat more archaic method to save those publications, it can also be useful on certain occasions.

For example, we can create a text document with all those URLs that we like, or it will also help us to share them with another channel. email or instant messaging.

copy youtube url

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