41% of EU companies used cloud computing in 2021, 29% IoT and 8% AI

Eurostat has published the latest edition of the poll carried out annually in the EU since 2002 on the use of technologies and electronic commerce in companies, which reveals, among other things, that in 2021 41% of EU companies used cloud computing and 29% IoT systems. In addition, it also highlights that 8% used at least one Artificial Intelligence technology last year.

The use of IoT systems in companies in the European Union in 2021 was destined for the most part to protect the security of their facilities (72%). But also to manage the energy consumption of companies (30% of cases) and the maintenance of buildings (24%). The countries with the highest use of IoT in the enterprise in 2021 were Austria (51%), Slovenia (49%), Finland (40%) and Sweden (40%). As for those that were least used are Estonia (17%), Bulgaria (15%) and Romania (11%). In Spain, the use of IoT in the company stood at 27%, approximately on average.

Almost half of the large companies in the EU, 48%, used the Internet of Things in 2021. In medium-sized companies this percentage drops to 38%, while only 26% of small companies used this type of system last year.

As for youuse of Artificial Intelligence technologies in companies in the European Union in 2021what he did 8% of them, focused on the use of at least one of the following: analysis of written text, voice recognition, generation of spoken or written natural language, recognition of people or objects from images, machine learning in data analysis, automation of workflows or support in decision making. Also technologies designed so that machines can move while being aware of their surroundings at all times, and making decisions autonomously.

The percentage of large companies that used AI technologies came in at 28%. This is a significantly higher percentage than the small businesses that used them. In this case, Artificial Intelligence only reached 6% of companies in the European Union.

Denmark is the EU country where its companies used Artificial Intelligence to the greatest extent. Almost a quarter of them did so: 24%. In second place is Portugal, with 17%, and in third place Finland, with 16%. Those that used AI the least were companies in Romania, a country in which only 1% of the total used these technologies. They are followed, with 3% of companies that used AI in 2021; Bulgaria, Cyprus, Estonia, Hungary and Poland.

As is the case with the use of Internet of Things technologies and systems, the use of Artificial Intelligence technologies in Spain in 2021 was at the European average: 8% of Spanish companies with more than 10 employees used at least one related technology.

As for the cloud computingthat already used as we have seen in 2021 41% of EU companies, is very advanced in large companies: 72% used it in 2021. 32% of companies relied on a cloud computing solution for their email, and 27% use the cloud to store files. 25% use it for office software, and 24% for security software applications. 19% use it to store their database.

In addition, cloud companies have access to more sophisticated end-user software applications. Among them for accounting and finance (in 19% of cases), for customer information management, or CRM (11%), and for the planning of processes and resources, which is handled by an ERP (10%) .

9% also say that they use cloud computing platforms to obtain computing power to run their business applications. And 10% bought cloud computing services as a computing platform that offers a managed environment for application development, testing or deployment.

The highest level of use of cloud computing in EU companies was in 2021 in Sweden and Finland (75%) and Denmark and the Netherlands (65%). The countries whose companies used cloud computing the least in 2021 were Bulgaria (13%) and Romania (14%). The average is 41%. As for the use of cloud computing by Spanish companies in 2021, in this case it was below the average: 31%.

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