4GB of memory? You can not imagine how much they have made Windows 11 work

One of the most criticized aspects of Windows 11, since its announcement, have been its minimum requirements. And it is that Windows had been sharing more or less the same requirements since the launch of Windows 7, which allowed any PC that ran this OS to update to the new versions without having to invest in hardware. With Windows 11, things have changed, and in addition to forcing you to use the TPM 2.0 chiphas also forced the use of modern processors, and even requires 4GB of RAM in order to start the installation. However, is all this really necessary?

Microsoft has always established its minimum requirements in such a way that they were loose enough to function without problems. And, in general, there have not been many problems since they were requirements that any computer, even from more than 10 or 15 years ago, met without problem. But with Windows 11 things have changed, and Microsoft has turned against millions of users who have been affected by the plan planned obsolescence massive that the company has carried out.

That is why several projects have already been seen that seek bypass the limitations of Windows 11 to be able to install it on any PC. The most popular is Rufus, the tool that allows us to create an installation USB for the operating system, which allows us to eliminate all these requirements in the installation USB itself in order to boot this system on any PC.

Rufus 3.19 Beta

But now they have gone further. And a user has managed to show that the 4 GB of memory is totally absurd by getting it to work in just 196 MB of memory.

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All it took was 30 minutes of BSODs and a further 15 minutes to open Task Manager.
I’m impressed that getting Windows 11 (Full desktop) to boot on 196MB is even possible

February 6, 2023 • 13:07

It is true that you have had to deal with more than 30 minutes of blue screens, and opening the task manager has taken more than 15 minutes. But it has managed to make the operating system work with only 5% of the requirements that Microsoft asks to make its OS work.

Tiny11, a Windows 11 for any PC

This has been possible thanks to Tiny11, a new project that seeks to offer users an alternative, and lightweight, version of Windows 11 that can work on any PC. The first thing this project does is, of course, remove the requirements to install Windows 11 so that any user can start the installation process and copy the system to their PC.

In addition, it also removes all the bloatware and unnecessary content that comes standard in this system and hinders its operation. In the end, the system installation comes down to just 8GB of space, and is capable of booting and running fairly smoothly with just 2GB of RAM, about as much as was used in the Windows 98 and Windows era. XP.

It is true that this modified version, in the long run, can end up giving problems, like any other modified Windows (there are many). But as an alternative for any PC that can’t run genuine Windows 11 it’s just perfect.

If you want to try Tiny11 on your computer, you can download it from this link.

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