4K, QLED and 50 inches, the Samsung TV you are looking for for 700 euros less

Who wouldn’t like to have a huge, quality TV in their living room to enjoy DTT and the platforms? video streaming. For example, it is one of the first purchases that we make as soon as we enter our new house. Hence, now we will talk about an interesting offer that may interest you.

It is a device that has been with us for years and, as almost all of you already know first-hand, it has not stopped improving technologically speaking. At this time, the usual thing is to buy a Smart TV or smart television that allows us to access all types of content without the use of additional multimedia devices. In addition, we must take into account that these televisions that we are talking about today offer us high resolutions at very interesting and reasonable prices.

When choosing a product with these characteristics, or another, there are several factors that come into play. On the one hand, we find the size of the screen, while we must also take into account the native resolution offered, or available connectivity. Well, then, we will talk about a Smart TV that will surely meet the expectations and needs of the majority, also at a greatly reduced price at the moment.

Specifically, we are referring to a television from the prestigious Samsung brand in which we can save several hundred euros right now. We refer to the Samsung Smart TV Neo QLED 4K 2022 50QN90B.

Saving 700 euros on this Samsung Smart TV

In the event that you are interested in a new TV for your home, this is a model that you are going to love. To give you an idea, we find a Smart TV from Samsung with a panel QLED 50-inch and native resolution 4K. In turn, all this is controlled by a Neo QLED 4K processor with Artificial Intelligence to obtain the best response when using all types of content, including online platforms.

In turn, it is important to know that internally it has Quantum Matrix technology to offer us the best image quality and it also has Quantum HDR 2000 with which the image contrast obtained is improved. How could it be otherwise, it is compatible with the digital assistants of Alexa and Google. On the other hand, and as far as audio is concerned, it is compatible with Dolby Atmos and presents us with a output power 60 watts and multidirectional sound.

Something that we must keep in mind is that at this moment we can save 700 euros compared to the original price of this Smart TV. This means that we can receive it at home from the Amazon store by 999 euro. Also, if you want a slightly larger size of this same model, the 55-inch Samsung QLED is currently at a 41% discount.

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