5 alternative games similar to Pokémon

5. Monster Sanctuary

We start with the least similar, but the one that risks the most and contributes to this type of game. Monster Sanctuary is a video game of the type metroidvania developed by Team17. We will live in a world where monsters and humans coexist in harmony. One day, that balance is broken and, as monster breeders, it will be our mission to restore peace to the world. As in any metroidvania, we will have to go researching and reading information to discover what happened, although you can ignore this point, since it will not have importance in the game if you want to understand the plot or not. Beyond this, we will have breeding of monsters and fighting in the purest Pokémon style.

The creatures are divided into different “classes”, which is the equivalent of the types in the Game Freak franchise, and each monster has its own abilities. Of course, the combats do not take place in an isolated scenario, but are established on the same pitch. If you are interested and want to play it, it is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC.

4. Dragon Quest Monsters

On that occasion, we have a different case. Dragon Quest is a video game saga that was born in 1986 for the NES, totally original and, of course, prior to the existence of Pokémon. However, after the launch of the spin-off Monsters, the comparison with Pokémon was the main theme of this new line of titles. When the game was released it was not intended to resemble Pokémon, and over the years, its developers have struggled to diverge from that franchise.

Graphically, the title looks like Pokémon and monster stats, —as well as fights—, too. The last edition they released was for 3DS.

3. Ooblets

Ooblets are very adorable and kawaii little creatures that will help us explore the world of Oob. And like good fake Pokémon, they will also lend themselves to fight with other Ooblets to defend his master. Unlike Pokémon, Ooblets are mostly plants and are born from the ground. Even so, and despite having combat mechanics similar to Pokémon, the game works by objectives and we could say that it is even more like Stardew valley than Pokémon. We must also highlight the visual aspect of the game, which is very attractive. It’s on PC and on Xbox.

2. Nexomon: Extinction

At this point at the top, we are getting dangerously close to what are blatant Pokémon plagiarisms. This title does not hide too much being a clone of Pokémon. The visual section and all the art direction in general is inspired by the Nintendo DS Pokémon games. The fighting system is identical to Pokémon, only with greater difficulty and has its own type table (there are 9 in total). It is available on iOS, Android, PC, Xbox, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

1. Temtem

Temtem is the MMORPG that Game Freak has never dared to do. It has a good mix of types, a magnificent world to explore, and a system of fighting identical to that of Pokémon, with the difference that they are always double. You probably don’t empathize with the creatures as much as the Game Freak ones. However, Temtem’s ballast is precisely wanting to be a pokemon clone, or rather, a haven for those Pokémon geeks who have grown tired of asking Game Freak for things. Despite this, Temtem it is a game with great merit and that it is worth playing. Is still in Early access, but you can play on PS5 and PC. It will arrive on Switch and Xbox X / S throughout 2022.

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