5 alternatives to see if you liked Amazon Prime Video GEO

Evidence of strength, courage and companionship, as well as flesh and blood characters, have been some of the elements that have made GEO one of the most talked about television phenomena.

If you haven’t seen it, it’s already taking time, and if you’ve finished it, don’t worry. Here you have 5 films, documentaries and series that you will love if you liked the proposal of Amazon prime.

1. Act of Valor (Prime Video)

Bravery act It is a 2012 film with a peculiarity that distinguishes it from all the others, the main soldiers are real SEALs.

You know, the American elite force, famous for ending Bin Laden, among many other feats that surely cannot be revealed.

Although the film does not depart much from the typical script of film modern warfare, the action scenes are frankly spectacular and will delight GEO fans.

You can see it on Prime Video.

2. A police movie (Netflix)

Netflix has recently released a very interesting documentary about the Mexican police, which goes beyond what is usually seen.

It is not GEO, but it does not wrinkle, because it delves into the problem of endemic corruption suffered by some law enforcement agencies in Mexico.

A fascinating look that we recommend you watch on Netflix, whether you liked GEO or not.

3. The spy trade / Spycraft (Netflix)

You already know how the elite force of the Spanish police acts, now it’s time to go further and know in depth another trade, that of espionage.

The Serie Spycraft In its various episodes, it takes us into the devices and techniques used by spies, from cutting-edge technology to the use of sex to obtain information. You will undoubtedly learn a lot about this unknown trade.

You can also see it on Netflix.

4. Killer Raid 1 & 2 (rakuten / Starzplay)

You will not see more shots, punches and kicks per second than in the movies of The Raid, titled Murderous raid in Spain.

Gareth Evans signing some brutal stories with camera work and fights light years away of any other film of the style.

In the heart of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Jakarta, there is an impenetrable building, a haven for the worst murderers and criminals. An elite SWAT group enters him, but falls into an ambush and they will have to get out as they can.

The second part has the same tone, but with even more incredible scenes if possible.

You can see it on Rakuten’s Starzplay.

5. Riot control (Movistar Plus)

What can we say? The Serie Riot gear, which narrates the adventures of a unit of this type of the national police, is one of the best Spanish series of recent times.

Tension, drama, action, excellent characters … Seriously, if you liked GEO, you are already taking a long time to take a look, because you will not regret it.

You can see it in Movistar Plus.

As you can appreciate, alternatives to GEO are not lacking to calm the monkey, so go warming up the popcorn.

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