5 Amazon products that are sold in the USA and we would like to have here

Alexa is our voice assistant that helps us make life a little easier every day. We always say it’s the most advanced assistant for his ability to understand and for his enormous compatibility. Despite this, the Spanish cannot squeeze the full power of Alexa. First of all, because of the language. Developers mainly work with the English Version, which will always be one step ahead. On the other hand, by the amount of devices, since Europe does not reach us anywhere near all the gadgets that are launched on the market compatible with the assistant. Today we will show you some of the products only available in the United States that we would like to see on the other side of the pond someday. Even if only for the laughs.

Echo Dot Kids

If you have the entire house domotized, you cannot deprive your children of using Alexa. The Echo Dot Kids is a smart speaker just like the standard Dot, but with a clearer voice so that the little ones can interact with Alexa with greater ease. In addition, they have designs very cool of animals.

It also carries associated services, such as Amazon Kids +, which allows children to access Audible audiobooks, interactive games and skills that can be used to do homework or help with math problems. The speaker can be fully controlled by Amazon Parent Dashboard service to set parental controls or review the activity history.

Amazon Smart Soap Dispenser

This product would be unimaginable if we weren’t submerged in a pandemic. The Smart Soap Dispenser is a automatic soap dispenser for the bathroom. It works by pairing with an Echo. From there, routines of all kinds can be assigned, such as, for example, playing music through the Echo for 20 seconds and serving as a countdown to wash our hands properly.

It’s a bit of an absurd product, right? Well right now it is Exhausted in the United States, which makes us seriously question whether the average American washed his hands before the pandemic.

Echo Buds 2

Wireless headphones are kicking in, but the Echo Buds 2 have not been around our country. Are Amazon AirPods, they have Alexa integrated and as a star functionality, they have Noise Cancellation. It can be purchased with an induction charging case and comes with 6 months of Amazon Music Unlimited for free. We don’t know about the sound quality of these headphones, but they are substantially cheaper than Apple’s.

Roav Viva by Anker

It’s a USB charger for car lighter. It would be a normal and current product if it were not for the integrated system Echo Auto, so with this product we kill two birds with one stone: you can charge your mobile and we can turn our pre-owned Opel Corsa from 1998 into a smart car.

Echo frames

The product more cyberpunketo of Amazon are the Frames, some smart glasses. They allow Alexa to be a few millimeters from your brain, making it a product not suitable for fans of Albal paper hats. They can be purchased with neutral crystals (with blue light filter) and the “Prescription Ready” version, which is the version to buy if what we want is to have a graduated glass in our perspective of trust. There are also versions to use as Sunglassesas well as several different designs and colors.

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