5 bad habits when being in front of the PC that I am going to change this 2023: and you should

We spend more and more time sitting in front of the computer. Whether for work or leisure, we are leading a more sedentary life every time, something that is not a good thing, much less if we pick up bad habits. Therefore, taking advantage of the new year, and the resolutions that we always make (and rarely fulfill) this 2023 we propose the challenge of eliminating 5 bad practices that we carry out when sitting in front of the PC and that surely you also commit.

From bad postures to lack of breaks or poor (or no) hydration, spending many hours in front of the computer can take its toll sooner rather than later. That is why, below, we are going to see 5 of the most common habits that most of us who spend a lot of time sitting in front of the computer tend to have and that, in one way or another, we must eliminate.

The posture

The most common thing when we are in front of the computer is have bad posture. Especially when we use it for leisure. It is very common that, when we have been in front of the computer for several minutes, we relax and begin to fall into the chair to the point that, surely, we are sitting on the lumbar part of the back. This, in the short term, will not only give us back problems, but also migraines due to having the neck in a bad posture.

bad posture chair

Therefore, first purpose: eliminate bad postures when sitting in front of the computer. ✔️

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Take breaks and stretch

There are many people (among whom I include myself) who spend the day almost in one go, spending up to 4 or 5 hours straight in front of the screen without a break. And this is the worst thing we can do. Ideally, take 10-minute breaks for every hour sitting in front of the computer. Or 15 minutes every 2 hours. These breaks not only help us mentally, but also physically, since we can stretch the muscles, the neck, and relax the eyes to be able to better face the next stretch of work.

Second purpose: take breaks and stretch the body. ✔️

A good hydration (and not snack)

When we work, especially from home, we often forget to drink water. And this is a serious mistake that can give us kidney problems. For this reason, the best thing we can do is always have a bottle of water on hand that allows us to stay hydrated. In addition, we can take advantage of the aforementioned breaks to go to the bathroom.

Coffee is fine as a stimulant to get the machinery moving, but what we should avoid at all costs are energy drinks, since they can cause serious damage to our body. In addition, another bad habit that we tend to always have is to do trips to the fridge every two by three. A serious mistake that we must eradicate as soon as possible from a life as sedentary as working in front of the computer.

Third and fourth purpose: drink water, put aside energy drinks, and do not snack between meals. ✔️

take care of mental health

New technologies have brought many improvements when it comes to working, but also many problems. The mobile phone, email or WhatsApp allow bosses to communicate with workers at any time. And this makes us have the feeling of working 24 x 7 x 365. For this reason, it is vital take care of mental health and looking for ways to have a complete digital disconnect. We must separate professional life from personal life, and dedicate work time to work, and everything else to leisure, totally disconnected from work. Otherwise, we will end up going crazy.

Fifth purpose: digital disconnection. ✔️

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