5 biographies about personalities of the technological world that you will love

If you like technology, whether you like Apple or not, you should read this book.

2. Elon Musk: The businessman who anticipates the future (Ediciones Peninsula)

This is Elon Musk’s “Best” Bio Right Now, although that is not saying much. As often happens when they are written in a time when the historical character lives and has influence, it has come out soft, without juicy details. Actually, it seemed more like a PR piece than anything else.

In a character so picturesque, and that is as much out of the pot as Musk, the most interesting is diluted and it does not matter if the author, Ashlee Vance, says that he has been objective. You see right away browns the pill too much, but seriously that is better than the alternatives. If you are interested in Musk, this is the recommended option.

iWoz, the biography of Steve Wozniak (Editorial Rasche)

We were going to put some of those soft books on Jeff Bezos and other tycoons out there, but we want to highlight the quality of the stories and the protagonists of the biography.

So it is much more interesting iWoz, the biography of the other part of the bitten apple, Steve Wozniak. Good counterpoint to that of Jobs, it shows us the story of this quiet genius to whom we owe so much.

If you lived the exciting early days of personal computers or did you like the series Halt & catch fire (essential), here we will see in the first person another version of all that and how the best geniuses began being true hackers.

Alan Turing: The Pioneer of the Information Age (Editorial Turner)

It is time to travel back in time and remember why we are here and who were the pioneers who led the technology that we enjoy and suffer.

Therefore, it would be unfair not to name Alan Turing, who cracked the legendary code Enigma German during World War II, in addition to being one of the forerunners of modern computing.

This biography of Jack Copeland is the best about him, hands down.

Tesla, inventor of modernity (Editorial Indications)

We don’t go back from the past and we can’t end without remember everyone’s father. Nikola Tesla, the freak original, the one that brought alternating current, radio and radio control, as well as the seed of a thousand current inventions.

Probably everyone else on this list would have been nothing without him. And as a reward, he died alone, mad and broke in a hotel room in New York.

It does not matter that we have done this to you spoiler, because his life as a tormented genius, full of hobbies and bent on things like a death ray, it’s better than most best-sellers that you have read.

This edition of Richard Munson stands out for being the most current and collect data that, until now, were not known. Give Edison and long live Tesla.

As you can see, much of the most interesting of technology is still in the books. Therefore, with these biographies you will finally know everything you want about those characters we always hear about. Of course, you know the saying: “It is better that you do not know your idols.”

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