5 blockchain games to know

Even before the first fortnight is over, April has already proved to be a month full of emotions in blockchain games. The re-release of Axie Infinity as Axie Infinity: Origin in 7/4 has been eagerly awaited and continues to earn top positions in the most played rankings in the world. Dapp Radar.

Blockchain games can have native cryptocurrencies and NFTs (non-fungible tokens or blockchain-authenticated digital unique items). Check out some highlights between new releases, re-releases and classics.

Blockchain games on the rise

1 – Axie Infinity: Origin

Axie Infinity Origin has made the most famous blockchain game in the world accessible to everyone. Only available for PC through Mavis Hub, the game should reach smartphone users after a testing phase. It’s a new game, which was released in parallel to Axie Infinity 2, but it has the advantage of not having to have Axies to start with. At the height of Axie Infinity, a trio of Axies NFTs cost anywhere from $300 to $2000, depending on skills and power. Now you can test drive, play without buying.

Available to: PRAÇA

2 – Devikins

Devikins is a smartphone game released by Canadian developer MoonLabs, led by Brazilian Sérgio Nunes. The free game offers the possibility to collect and sell NFTs or get the cryptocurrency DVKs.

The blockchain platform is Klever, which is headquartered in Brazil, wallet and brokerage. Gamers collect creatures known as Devikin and must train them to unleash their full potential upon reaching adulthood. Nunes left EA, where he worked in the development of Fifa Soccer, to follow his passion for the new wave: games with crypto.

Available to: iOS and android

3 – Silks

Silks has arrived for those who want to bet on horse racing, real and in the metaverse. The NFT game combines the world of real racing with virtual horses. Each player can be their own digital horse linked to a real racing animal.

Choose your horse wisely. Each digital horse has the strengths and weaknesses of its real counterpart. Silks uses information from race records, training history, heredity, races and much more from the sports world. The currency is STT and can also be won when a horse wins a real race.

Available: online preview

4 – Farmers World

Released by GJit Japan and inspired by a manuscript available at the National Library in Rio de Janeiro, Farmers World is a farming simulator that is growing in popularity. So popular that the blockchain-averse Chinese government issued a alert classifying the game as addictive.

Based on the Wax blockchain, you need a wallet and balance to get started and buy a farmer tool for the game. In the third position of most played P2E (play-to-earn) games, Farmers World continues to grow and inspires diverse community of players in the world.

Available: online

5 – Galaxy Blocks

Galaxy Blocks is a Tetris-style game, with some differences. Hosted on the ThunderCore blockchain, which is home to other casual blockchain game successes like ColorCraze, it is one of the most popular P2E games.

The player starts with three blocks and a time limit and must pick up other blocks to complete the lines. The reward currency is TT, which can be won through player-to-player battles and championships. To play it, you need to download the ThunderCore Hub.

Available to: iOS and android

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