5 candidates to be Jack Sparrow after the “no” of Johnny Depp

betting is open

Thus, between Disney’s initial cancellation of the interpreter due to statements by the woman, and on the other hand, the actor’s refusal once they have vetoed him (he believes unfairly), the time has come to look for an alternative, another actor that not only has the talent of Johnny Depp to get into the skin of a character with such pronounced and characteristic features, but also be able to bear the responsibility of being compared to the original day after day. An extraordinarily difficult challenge that has many risks, especially in the face of the legion of fans of the original films of Pirates of the Caribbean.

This is how things are, we are going to bring you four actors who are playing in the pools to play Jack Sparrow and who are now part of the top stars who have starred in blockbusters in recent times. And these are:

Dwayne Johnson

In Jungle Cruise already demonstrated his skills to play a character that had many points in common with Jack Sparrow: captain of his own ship, adventurer, victim of a curse and a sense of humor as lousy as it is addictive. It would be quite a radical turn, but it could withstand criticism from fans for how popular it is and how well its films do (almost always) at the box office.

Timothee Chalamet

Timothy Chamelet.

It takes a little over a year touching the honeys of triumph thanks to dunes Y it seems that luck smiles at him in everything he does lately. He would be the best candidate for a younger Jack Sparrow than Johnny Depp. Depending on how you approach those new movies from Pirates of the Caribbeanmore or less options will have to be the captain of the Black Pearl.

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson.

Although he was under the radar of major Hollywood productions for many years, Come in Tenet Y batman has returned through the front door. In the state of grace in which he is, he could play whoever he wanted and Jack Sparrow could be a more than feasible option.

Tom Holland

Tom Holland Nathan Drake Uncharted

Of the four candidates that we propose, it is surely the one that seems the least close to what a young Jack Sparrow would need, but has already demonstrated its versatility in countless projects heroic, adventurous and dramatic. And on top of that, he turns everything he touches into gold because he has some of the highest-grossing hits in history to his credit, so…

No one

And finally we offer a fifth option, which is not hire anyone in the role of Jack Sparrow because there is no actor in the world who can match the personality that Johnny Depp imprinted on the character throughout the five films that have been released. The most sensible thing for Disney would be to focus on another hero of that universe and find a way to connect him with the other films, leaving in the air the possibility that one day, remote or close, the actor who invented himself will return to one of the most iconic pirates in movie history.

Total, today Disney and Johnny Depp are facing and they can’t even see each other but who knows if they reconcile in a couple of years. So why wouldn’t she be able to go back to her character? So that door must be left open.

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