5 countries are responsible for the climate crisis: MAP

The global warming is a consequence of excessive pollution by human processes, but which countries have contributed the most to the climate crisis? The United States, China, Russia, Brazil and Indonesia are the nations that have made the most carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions throughout the recorded history of mankind.

That was the conclusion reached by a study by the Carbon Brief think tank; Among the variants taken into consideration are emissions that are due to the burning of fossil fuels, transformations in land use and cement production. Globally, humans have emitted around 2.5 trillion tons of CO2 into the atmosphere since 1850, but the US contributed 20%, China 11%, Russia 7%, Brazil% and Indonesia 4%.

Brazil could occupy a higher percentage

In Brazil and Indonesia, most emissions are due to forest clearing, as well as by the land use for livestock and agriculture, aspects that are not considered in the aforementioned analysis, so some environmentalists think that the South American country it has a more important role than is believed in the environmental crisis.

According to Marcio Astrini, executive secretary of the Climate Observatory, an organization that annually calculates emissions in Brazil, around 80% of them were due to deforestation and the use of land for livestock, this in the last three decades.

“If you take the last 30 years, 73% of the planet’s emissions are in the energy area. If you take the last 30 years in Brazil, 55% of the emissions are due to deforestation. Brazilian livestock, we are close to 80%, “said Marcio in an interview for an international media.


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