5 devices for less than 30 euros with which to start automating your home

The home automation aims to make our lives easier. Simplify those monotonous tasks that we repeat day after day. Making your home smart has never been so cheap. However, it is a bit difficult to immerse yourself in this world without being very clear about what to buy. In this article we will tell you five commodities with which you can start a smart home for less than 30 euros per device. Go for it.

Echo Dot 4

To start automating your home, the first thing you need is a device that controls the rest of the devices. This is the most important device you buy, as it will define whether you will use Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant. In this case, we have opted for Alexa because it is the system we use at home. Of all Amazon speakers, the Echo Dot 4 is the one with the best value for money. It performs well, listens to commands better than its predecessor, and has a great design too.

Broadlink RM4 Mini

This device cannot be missing in a home with automation. To summarize it in some simple way, it is nothing more than a remote control universal. The Broadlink RM4 Mini is used to make a bridge between our non-intelligent devices and our virtual assistant. This gadget has a huge list of compatible devices. All we have to do is find those virtual controls and configure them to use them with Alexa voice commands. Both the configuration and the use are really simple. And furthermore, it allows clone remotes which comes in handy if the device you want to configure isn’t listed in the app.

TP-Link Tapo L530E Bulbs – Pack of 2 units

cap bulb rgb.jpg

There are plenty of smart light bulbs on the market, even at every price point you can imagine. The most famous ones are from Philips, but these from TP-Link have quite a good reputation because they allow you to configure any type of color and they are not especially expensive. Lights are one of the key elements in any home automation system. Our recommendation is that you place these bulbs in the most important areas of your house. So you can quickly appreciate the usefulness of using smart lights.

Usmart Smart Power Strip

alexa smart power strip.jpg

Another way to make a lifelong device smart is through a programmable socket. There are a lot of devices from different brands, but the really profitable thing is to get a power strip. This model has three independent sockets, and its price is quite interesting. With this product you will be able to control any lifelong device by turning it off or starting it with the current. It doesn’t matter if you are inside or outside the house.

Govee – Alexa LED Strip

Govee LED strip 10 meters

We will finish this review with this Govee LED strip. It is a model of 5 meters fully programmable and controlled by virtual assistants. It is perfect to place behind a television or in an office.

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