5 Disney movie villains we never want to see again

2. Dr. Faciller

Doctor Faciller is the bad guy from the 2009 movie Tiana and the frog. He may be the least known on the list, not being one of Disney’s most successful films, but he is one of the most evil and underrated villains.

For starters, Faciller is a voodoo sorcerer who makes a pact with beings from beyond to get his dark powers.

Endowed with great charisma, he is also a cold-blooded murderer. At one point in the movie, he kills one of the main characters, Ray, and does it like nothing, squashing him with his foot like any other insect to stay so cool.

It is no longer what he does, but how he does it that makes him terrifying and abhorrent. Without speeches or rolls, now you live and now you don’t, proving that nothing and no one matters to him, except himself.

3. Lotso the bear from Toy Story 3

That toy Story 3 It put a lump in our throats, and it showed that this series is incapable of making a bad movie, it is unquestionable. But many forget who send Andy’s toys to this scene That put us all on the edge of the seat

His presence may not be the most intimidating, because Lotso is a nice pink teddy bear, but that makes him even more dangerous and we can’t forget his role.

Lotso is the relentless leader of toys from Sunnyside And when his evil is discovered, his reaction is to get Woody and company to win a ticket (one way) to the incinerator. That one that had us all on edge, wondering who was cutting onions in the movie theater.

4. Judge Frollo, of The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Claude Frollo, the ultrareligious judge of The Hunchback of Notre Dame it is probably, one of the scariest villains of Disney history for its realism.

To begin with, let us remember that he murders an innocent gypsy woman and that he is about to throw her misshapen baby down a well, until he is caught and forced to raise that child.

Of course, she constantly abuses him, reminding him that no one will see past his misshapen appearance. His expressions are haunting, he always has a sinister lust and, let’s face it, it is literally a genocideConsidering that a good part of the people are just a bunch of ants to trample on.

Wicked to the bone, we’re glad Frollo died falling into hellfire.

5. The man who killed bambi’s mother

It has no name, because in the script it only appears with the casual reference man, but it is the hunter who kills Bambi’s mother and triggers the story.

AND this simple act traumatized generations and generations of children and parents, who had to explain to their children that they were only watching a cartoon.

In a second, without the need for histrionics or powers, this nameless person was crowned as the worst of the worse. So no, we don’t want to see you anymore, you’ve already made quite a few psychologists rich.

As we can see, Disney is an expert in endearing stories and also in creating evil ones that, when you look at them closely, are nightmare meat that we prefer not to see again.

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