5 essential plugins that you must install in AIMP

When it comes to fully enjoying our digital music on your computer, in addition to having adequate hardware, we recommend choosing the right software. We have a multitude of proposals of this type to download and use at no cost. One of the best known and used throughout the world is the alternative called AIMP.

Here we are talking about a free program that you can download from its official website and that focuses on playing audio files. It offers us all kinds of functions that will make it easier for us to both play and configure our music saved on the PC. To begin with, we will tell you that, if we do not want to complicate our lives and just play these music files, here we find a great solution. But at the same time there are users who prefer to have maximum control over this type of program. Well, it must be said that AIMP also offers us a series of customizable functions and features to manage the application and its operation.

Despite the fact that it has been around for several years, this is software that presents us with an intuitive as well as attractive user interface. In the same way we will have the possibility of adapting it to our needs or tastes. In addition to the integrated functions for all of this, its developers offer us a series of themes that we can install to change the appearance of the software. And that’s not all, but we also have the possibility of adding a series of plugins or extensions for AIMP.

On many occasions, users are not satisfied with the functions integrated by default, so they try to improve the software in this regard.

AIMP extensions to improve the program

As we mentioned before, the developers of this solution that is especially suitable for listening to music offer us a series of very useful add-ons. We can install these additionally in the program itself so that improve and increase its functionality. Precisely for this reason, below we will talk about some that for many could be considered essential in AIMP.

aimp plugins

  • AIMP YouTube-DL: first of all, we will talk about a plugin that allows you to direct access to the contents of the streaming video portal. And that’s not all, since the extension also gives us access to other similar platforms such as SoundCloud or MixCloud.
  • Windows 10 Media Control: here we find a complement specially indicated for the Microsoft operating system. It will help us to integrate AIMP in the best way with the system and facilitate the management and control of audio content through this program.
  • Dolby Digital AC3: what this particular addition does is give us AIMP support for the audio standard that bears the same name and improve the audio quality here.
  • Information Bar: on certain occasions we may wish to have the maximum playing file information. Well, this complement provides it to us through a bar that is added to the same multimedia application.
  • Last.FM – Most of the users of this program are music lovers. Therefore, you may find it very interesting to install a plug-in that gives you access to everything on the popular online music platform called Last.FM to access its contents.

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